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Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins us to document the collapse. We discuss the end of the nearly 100-year old London SILVER FIX and much more. Andy says the dominoes are beginning to fall as the global economic outlook deteriorates and reality sets in, both for international banks and nation states. We cover a LOT of info in this one, so thanks for tuning in.

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30 comments to THE SILVER & GOLD FIX BROKEN — Andy Hoffman

  • Antony

    Great interview Sean! You are much information in these last few is hard to keep track. It does seem like the dam is about to Given the current turmoil and the coming collapse, what do you think the “reset” will be like? If there is one? How many people will really suffer and possibly die? Not that we will know for sure what will happen, but if we discern the times and see the storm coming, what else can we do as informed and caring people to be prepared? How much gold is enough? And if you can’t get much silver? And besides that what else can we do? ….In my humble opinion…It certainly looks like it is shaping up to a one world government and the entering of the antichrist…someone who will seem good and actually fix this system, albeit for nefarious reasons, as it is laid out in the bible. Blessings to you all 🙂

    • SGT

      Antony, Bob Chapman and I used to discuss how we don’t wish the “collapse” on any of the unsuspecting sheeple, OR on the informed for that matter – because when it comes it has the potential to be quite a bit worse than many of us can imagine. We have enjoyed this fiat world’s reserve currency paradigm for so many decades that it’s almost impossible to imagine a Weimar-style conclusion. I’m not sure there will ever be a “reset” for the dollar, just a decline and where it hits bottom, who can know? What we are facing is unprecedented. All we can do is face the reality of our situation and prepare how each of us thinks best. Good luck, and thanks to you all for being ‘awake’ and aware.

      • Steelerdude

        That is one guy whom I solely miss, Bob Chapman….the inside information he could get to plus his analysis were unprecedented…

        I think that is what we are all missing with all the analysts making their predictions, nobody has inside information…so they are all taking wild ass guesses and its burning out those of us who know that the shtf someday…

        thanks for your hard work Sean and SGT!

        • Eric

          Yeah, I miss Bob too.

        • Ed_B

          Since no one knows or CAN know, it is more than time that we all do our own research and thinking on these issues. Yes, read the pundits to glean whatever bits of truth and info can be had there but do not expect them to lay it out chapter and verse as to what will happen and when. The only things we really need to know are: 1) no one is coming to “save the day”; 2) there will be a horrific economic collapse at some point, only God knows when, and He doesn’t share info that interferes with free will; and 3) gold and silver are REAL money with REAL value and REAL staying power that no paper currency ever devised can match. It’s not even close. The difference between silver and gold and paper currency is about like the difference between a hot juicy steak dinner served hot from the kitchen vs. a picture of a steak dinner. Seen in that light, paper isn’t just unsatisfying, it’s not even in the same realm as the real thing.

          Much as I like stacking, never forget that an economic collapse comes at people in stages, so we need to have whatever it takes to sustain us through the early stages and into the later stages, where PMs and other trade goods will be of great value… especially simple things that are machine made, cheap, and really useful. These things are like: soap, matches, needles and thread, butane lighters, string, rope, ammo, fish hooks and line, fuel, hand tools, tarps, para-chord, screws, nails, bolts, and nuts as well as many other useful items.

  • John

    I absolutely love $19 dollar silver! It really boggles my mind that a person can exchange a worthless paper instrument with the number 20 on it for an ounce of precious metal which has been mined, minted, and engraved and will shine everlasting.

    Imagine instead waking up to reality today and coming to the conclusion you needed to protect your family from the ravages of inflation/hyperinflation and the ultimate destruction of your country’s currency. And so having no silver or gold, you begin to exchange your worthless paper for metal, but instead of the manipulated price of $19 dollar silver, the cartel has driven the price of silver to $75,000 an ounce and gold to 2 million an ounce and making it unaffordable for anyone. Imagine how frustrated and angry you would be at these manipulated prices. A family might be lucky to get 1/10 ounce of silver, and you can just forget about gold.

    I have always thought those buying silver and gold today are very spiritually connected, generally speaking, to a higher power. These families and individuals buying gold/silver have an immense respect for justice, honor, truth,….but moreso for a Sovereign King and His providence for humanity. The Bible has something to say about honest weights and measures, so much so that our Founding Fathers imbedded those principals into our U.S. Constitution.

    Stack on my fellow SGT’ers, and Sean your are a great interviewer!

    • Eric

      I know it’s amazing right? What would any sane rational human who can think for themselves want more? A crumpled up old twenty dollar FRN or a shiny new Silver dollar?

      Dire consequences await the uninformed and the ignorant.

      • Ed_B

        The real heck of it is, Eric, that many people alive today either remember circulated silver money or have an older relative who does. A paper $1 note from 1960 is worth $1 today… and MUCH less in purchasing power than it had in 1960. A silver dollar from 1960, such as an earlier minted Morgan or Peace silver dollar was also worth $1 back in 1960. But… what is it worth today? Depending on condition, maybe $25 paper dollars. And this is just since 1960. Taking this back to 1914, for example, shows a 98% drop in the buying power of our money. Just how much of a whack upside the financial head does it take to convince people that their paper money just melts away over time? Further, shouldn’t they DO something to prevent this from happening? Yes, they should! And silver and gold are the perfect tools to preserve our wealth over time. Both are excellent long-term savings options.

        Just remember, folks, fiat is for spending and not for holding. If you want to hold something that retains its value over many years, think precious metals and not paper money. Even remembered history, let alone written history, does not treat paper money kindly and neither should we.

        • eric

          Closer to $28 on Apmex actually Ed. I agree with pretty much everything you’re saying but for your above comment, I see it a little different. I’m not so sure a horrific economic collapse is coming. I’m convinced it is already here, has been here for a while and will get worse here and there over the next few plus maybe 5 or more years. But those that are informed and doing real work on themselves won’t get dragged down by these psychopaths.

          If anyone has the means, grow some orange trees. Orange juice has gone up a lot along with pork, beef, chicken and especially coffee. Fresh squeezed or juiced orange juice beats the hell out of ultra pasteurized GMO Tropicana crap!

          And keep stacking. Keep the wealth in America!

          • Ed_B

            The $25 number comes from our LCS. Apmex is among the higher priced retailers. But with silver dollars, there also can be availability problems. Very often, they do not have any for sale. A couple of years ago, US 90% silver coins were hard to get and had premiums that were pushing $6 per oz. of silver weight… IF you could get any. That seems to have tapered off now and it is again possible to find these coins in decent amount and at reasonable prices. Any premium on them of less that $2 per silver oz. is pretty reasonable considering that they haven’t made these since 1964 or earlier. There are some proof coins that are 90% from more resent years. I like the statehood proof quarters. They contain the same amount of silver as a 1964 US quarter but are cheaper, so that’s all to the good.

            As to the economic collapse, I am convinced that it is coming, although no one knows when. The signs of it are all around us. The leading edge of this financial storm is hitting us now. The economic collapse web site is interesting in its articles and documents its reasons for stating that a collapse is on the way. I agree with about 90% of them, so that is pretty convincing… to me, anyway. Whether that is next year, next decade, or 30 years from now cannot be known. But it is pretty clear that it is inevitable and inescapable.

            But… even for those who do not think that an economic collapse is coming, there are still good reasons to stack. Emergencies happen and being prepared for them is a good thing… much better than wandering around aimlessly moaning “Why isn’t anyone helping us?”, like that silly-goose in NJ after Sandy went through there. There are many possible levels of collapse, such as a US$ devaluation, bank holidays, government raids on retirement plan money (as has already occurred in other countries), inflation, and potentially even hyper-inflation. Gold and silver make excellent long-term savings vehicles, inflation protection, and a resource that could be invaluable if anything worse actually happens. We have a choice in all this, so… choose wisely. 🙂

    • SGT

      I so agree – though it’s been a tough road, it really is a blessing to still be able to exchange fiat for physical, given all we know. Thx guys.

    • STEVEN

      This is what the Bible thinks of your Gold and Silver!

      James 5:3 “Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.”

      Ezekiel 7:19 “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.”

      Matthew 6:20-21 “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
      For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

      • glitter 1


        2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
        1Ti 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

        Most here are not worshiping/idolizing Gold and Silver per se.G&S are a prudent addition to any savings/portfolio.If The Lord Tarries,a wise man will prepare for a/any storm in advance,especially when a watchman on the wall declares of it’s approach.The verses you provide are approapriate for when the “Age Of Grace”ends and the 7 year Tribulation Period arrives at which time the Lord’s Wrath and Vexation upon the Earth will be in full swing.That is the time when the love of many will wax cold and the love of money will loose it’s luster and be tossed into the street.Until that time a wise man will do his best to take care of/protect his family the best he can as lead by the Spirit Of Truth.

        • Ed_B

          Providing for our own is a sacred trust that no man takes lightly. We MUST see to the needs of our loved ones and protect them with every means possible. Yes, silver and gold are not anything that most of us “love”. But we know that hard times are coming, that these things hold their value for long periods of time, and that by using them our families have a MUCH better chance of getting through those hard times.

          This in no way diminishes our love for God or our dedication to His teachings as revealed in many religious texts.

          As to God’s wrath, a fundamentally good person need have no fear of that whatever. God is our beloved Father in Heaven, not some vicious ogre whom we must fear. If there is the tiniest fear in me on this issue, it is that in some ways I may have disappointed my beloved Father in Heaven. If I were to do that, I would feel excruciating spiritual pain for failing to measure up to His expectations. No punishment greater than that would ever be needed to correct my behavior.

          • Tom G.

            Ed- “No greater punishment greater than that would ever be needed to correct my behavior.”

            Then why did Jesus have to suffer the “punishment” for our sin? That’s quite a price to pay if Jesus didn’t really need to do it because you are “fundamentally a good person.”

            God doesn’t grade on a curve Ed. All of us were born into sin and have also sinned on their own. Jesus died for our sins to stem God’s wrath. Jesus is the propitiation for our sin, ONLY if each person embraces what Jesus did on the cross.

            Short of that, God’s wrath ALREADY (the force of the tense of the Greek word in John 3:36) abides on those who have not accepted Christ as the substitute for their sin.

            Let me assure you that at some point in the future God is going to pour out His wrath on the NWO and the Antichrist who will head it and all who take the mark of the beast because they sided with Antichrist. Revelation specifically talks about the wrath that God is going to pour out in chapters 15-18.

            God is only one’s “Father” for those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. God has to adopt one into His family THROUGH CHRIST alone (Gal. 4:5) No one is a child of God automatically.

            To my cultured despisers- betting against the Bible is a dubious endeavor.

            • glitter 1

              Tom G,
              Just as a return comment,I’ve gone back and done some review/home work.My position remains the same for this Dispensation Of Grace(Pre-Tribulation),as written by Paul according to the myteries revealed to him by The Lord Jesus.The Dispensation Of Grace will end with the Rapture Of The Body Of Christ,then the Man Of Sin will be revealed,God’s timeline/focus will return to Israel and the 7 year Tribulation Period will commence,which will result in his Wrath & Vexation on the Inhabitants of the Earth.An excellant source/commentary is Les Feldick,specifically His study as contained in Book#71 & 72(DVD # 71 & 72. Peace

              • Tom G.

                Hi Glitter- The man of sin has to be revealed before the rapture. The whole point of Paul writing II Thess was because the Thessalonians were worried that they had missed the rapture. There is no disputing that.

                We know the abomination of Desolation occurs in the middle of Daniel’s 70th week (Dan 9:27). No disputing that either, pre-tibbers have no problem with that.

                Here’s the problem. The Day of the Lord, which represents God’s wrath on unbelievers and the catching-up of the church, CANNOT occur until the abomination of Desolation takes place (II Thess. 2:2-4) Those verses bury the pre-trib position. Paul even says don’t be shaken or disturbed- the rapture can’t take place until the man of sin is revealed at the Abomination of Desolation. When does the Abomination of Desolation take place? In the middle of the 7-year tribulation period which we know from Daniel 9:27.

                I, like most of us, were brought up on the pre-trib position. At Seminary we were asked to write an 18 page paper defending our position on the timing on the rapture. About 6 hours into doing my paper I decided to only put down what I knew all sides (pre mid post) agreed on. Then I filled in the rest. The Day of the Lord cannot occur until the Abomination of desolation which can’t occur until the middle of the “week.” Paul talks about that “Day” in I Thess chapters 4 and 5 and also II Thess 1:10 and following.

                I agree with pre-tribbers that we won’t see God’s wrath poured out on believers (I Thess 5:9) But God’s wrath doesn’t start until the trumpet and Bowl judgements which occur AFTER we are raptured. True Christians will suffer persecution under the NWO the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation after Antichrist signs the pact with Israel and then they will be martyred during the GREAT tribulation which starts after the Man of Sin is revealed at the abomination of Desolation.

                I can offer you more evidence but just compare Matt 24 and Revelation 6. They both offer a chronology with events that are strikingly similar. The Day of the Lord (God’s wrath) is started with the 6th seal which cannot occur before Antichrist is revealed in the middle of the tribulation. Even Jesus’ chronology in Matt 24 shows this.

                Hope this helps Glitter. God Bless you.

                • glitter 1

                  Yes I hear your arguement,but there is more to it than II Thess 2:2-4.The only thing I can recommend is to obtain Les Feldick’s study materials(Les Feldick Ministries) as I’ve listed above,12hrs of DVD Bible Study on the subject.No offense,but I’m not moved or impressed with Scholarship since neither is The Lord.I also have corraborative materials on the subject from Dr Peter S.Ruckman of the Pensacola Bible Institute.
                  Just to let you know a little more of where I’m coming from:I’m firm in the KJV 1611 Authorized Version being God’s only true translation for the English speaking people during these last days,all other translations since Westcott & Hort are from their corrupted Greek Text and are therfore corrupted translations.Many/most Seminaries are apostate for the last 100+ years.
                  As Les points out many times during his Bible Study sessions,as long as we have our faith in Paul’s Gospel of the Death,Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ(1 Cor 15:1-4),all things will be known when we are present with The Lord. Peace

                • Tom G.

                  Hi Glitter- If you are not impressed with scholarship then why did you appeal to “Dr.” Ruckman. Why systematically study the Bible at all. Jesus knew his Bible better than anybody. How do you think He learned all that? Study to show thyself approved unto God.

                  The KJV is not a good translation even if I were to concede that it as close to the original autographs as possible. I don’t concede that.

                  I took Koine Greek at Seminary and I can tell you many verses are not translated properly in KJV.

                  If you live long enough then unfortunately you will not be prepared to suffer Antichrist’s wrath. Jesus told his disciples that they would see the Abomination of Desolation which can’t occur until the middle of the 7-year period. We know Jesus was talking to them as disciples (not as Jews) because in Matt 24:9 He said they would be hated by all nations for “His name’s sake.” The Jews don’t believe in Jesus so He was talking to them a disciples (not Jews) who would go through the first half of the trib. Once the Antichrist is revealed all hell will break lose and Christians who don’t take the mark will be martyred. These are the same believers/overcomers who ask God to avenge their deaths (Rev 6:9) and then were raptured and found in heaven (Rev 7:9-14). There is a chronology there.

                  Where do you put the Day of The Lord? It can’t occur in the beginning of the 7-year trib. This buries pre-trib.

                  The reason this is vital is because you may not be around when all this goes down. If your children or grandchildren think they’ll be raptured and then find out they have to go through the trib, they might get deceived because they’re going to figure that something they were already told didn’t come true (pretrib). Jesus’ first words to His disciples concerning this was “don’t be deceived.” We need to start taking this a lot more seriously.

                  Take care Glitter. (No my Seminary was not apostate, and no scholarship is not a bad thing)

            • Ed_B

              Well, Tom, we all have our views on this and last I heard, none of them have been publicly and specifically blessed from On High. Until they are, I will continue to trust in my belief and in God and not worry about what someone is reputed to have said 2000 years ago. Goodness in our heart is where it is at. I cannot quote a single verse from the bible. But then, I feel that living a good life trumps that every time. If I am wrong about that then so be it. But, I do not think that I am. 🙂

              • Tom G.

                Ed- I wish you nothing but the best. I have enjoyed reading your comments over the years.

                On this issue though, you’ve got me confused. I have heard you refer to yourself as a Christian. By what authority do you appeal to support your worldview. Because it seems like you don’t have an outside authority of any sort. Your authority seems to be just how you feel about things. It seems kind of solipsistic too me.

                If you can’t appeal to the Bible as the authority (I’m guessing you don’t because you seem to consider other religious books on par with the Bible) then how do you even know Jesus existed or that Jesus was who he said he was. Jesus was actually given the stamp of approval from “on high,” to borrow your expression, from God the Father. So, yes, someone has been given the authority, and in fact Jesus said all authority had been given to Him.

                Jesus said He alone is the only way to God. That makes things really simple. His disciples all got martyred for their belief in Jesus as our Lord and Christ. People don’t die for a lie. I believe their testimonies as recorded in the Gospels. Do you believe Jesus, that He is the only way?

                Ed- have a great weekend.

      • Scott Wolf

        Totally taken out of context.

        First, there was no such thing as U.S. dollars or any fiat money at that time-yet something had to define wealth.Second,gold and silver were money in biblical times, hence their reference.These passages speak to the insouciance of man with regard to God.Basically, no amount of money can protect you from God’s wrath. Not really an indictment of AU/AG in a monetary sense, just in a spiritual sense.What would have been your response if the biblical passages referred to dollars?

  • Eric

    Deutsche Bank? Are they still around? I thought they went the way of Lehman already. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

    “The jig is UP.” HA!

  • Eric

    Topics of “good news”

    -Mainstream media viewership is down 50% on average.
    -Sheeple are waking up to who they truly are and are beginning to stop empowering the so called elite.
    -Criminals like Hillary, Obama, Holder, Bill Gates, etc. are being exposed for the psychopaths they are.
    -Solutions are presenting themselves as everyone who begins to think for themselves learns how they are more powerful than they were told their entire lives.
    -Individuals are learning that all collective groups will fail but they have the power to control their own lives and help those around them.
    -More are learning that it is empowering to be informed rather than just entertained.
    -The cabal and the cartel are going away. Hopefully to prison.
    -The golden age is coming. You just have to wake up and start creating it yourself.

  • Willy

    Great interview guys, thanks for all you hard work Sean!!! This all seems hard to believe, but I suspect that TPTP will have another trick up their sleeves once the daily “fix” is over and done whit. They are desperately trying to hold on to a slippery rope and is getting more treacherous by the week. That said they will continue to hold PM’s down for as long as they can. I’ve heard that the CME is only going to allow PM’s to move x amount of percentage points once this daily fixing comes to a halt. Heaven forbid the free market should dictate the true price of anything. They have a strangle hold on many moving parts of the market and can’t see them just letting go of it like that. Time will tell.

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