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The Natural News Food Lab – Corporate Food Checkmated

by Jeffrey Jaxen, Nutritional Anarchy:

Shortly after Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) appeared on the scene with his website Natural News, it quickly became a leader in virtual alternative health news for a growing number of people who were hungry for knowledge about their food, health and wellbeing. Those who no longer trusted big corporations and understood that profit margins historically trumped individual health, now had a trusted source, community, and a home.

Decades ago, your great grandparents had no need or use for the words ‘organic’ or ‘raw’ attached to their food, simply because most of it came directly from their own backyard or local community. People knew where their food came from and in most cases, had a personal relationship with the grower, farmer, or producer. Big corporations were not on the forefront of food production as they are today, spraying chemicals, pushing genetically modified seeds, and marketing their aspartame spiked, high fructose corn syrup-laced addictive concoctions masquerading as edible meals. However, their time is quickly coming to an end.

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