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The Latest JB-SFC – Podcast

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Hopefully you’ve been following along. In the utter absence of any kind of debate regarding Russia-Ukriane, I’ve been posting these weekly discussions between John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen. The discussion last night is required listening for anyone with a mind that hasn’t yet been brainwashed into silence by mainstream media coverage of the ongoing events.

This podcast is broken into two parts. The first half brings everyone up to speed on current events in Ukraine and prepares the listener for the elections that are coming up this Sunday. In the second half of the discussion, which begins at the 18:30 mark, the attention turns to the Russia-China gas deal and the economic ramifications. In sounding as if the discussion was recorded live in Turdville Town Square, Professor Cohen actually uses the phrase “Russia holds all the cards”. Gee, where have you heard that before??

As a reminder, Professor Cohen is an expert on Russian Affairs. You can read more about him here: And information on John Batchelor’s terrific nightly radio program can be found here:

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