The Phaserl


The Human Hamburger Factory Farm

By Zen Gardner,

All they want of humanity is fast food humans. Nothing more. That’s the cold, stark reality of these so-called elite controllers.

I had one of those vivid dreams recently. I rarely write about these but this one smacked me upside the head. I was visiting a rustic campground set up in the woods somewhere with a lot of Americans, seemingly living there long term while it was supposed to be a wilderness camp retreat of some sort. There was a nice central large cabin with a big meeting room, lots of rough wood in the construction and a pleasant natural setting. It was vacation like but it seemed long term. It had the atmosphere of a busy recreational lodge lobby but it wasn’t a hotel.

I was sitting there and talking to the kids there most of all, very sweet kids, and started to point out a few mechanisms they were falling for in their interactions, gently helping the kids to grasp that their social environment could be a lot different with a few tweaks and that things weren’t as they seem. Nothing radical, just common sense concepts in getting along and not being fastened to their petty thinking and shallow constructs, but it totally changed the tone in the seating section and of what was going on in this casual meeting room.

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