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Thanks, Ben Bernanke, for these Unintended Consequences of Your Keynesian Ludicrousness

by California Lawyer, TF Metals Report:

Artificial central planners claim to know best. They pontificate endlessly over models, and theories, which at their core, are nothing but claptrap designed to enable politicians to spend recklessly without consequences, all for the SOLE purpose of maintaining the power structure of the elite.

This is the premise that I am working from. I am a libertarian philosophically, and am an ardent believer that regular folks can and do know best. It is the meddling central planners, with demonstrably ludicrous theories, who say otherwise, and who constantly act with condescension and derision to those great unwashed masses of the flyover country.

Oh yeah, I must also point out the human nature, being what it is, will ALWAYS leave room for charlatans to strip them bare of their assets.

All of this could easily have been avoided with sound money, because NONE of the lenders would have ever lent so foolishly to begin with!


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