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Sylvia Burwell: ‘First and Foremost, I Serve the American People’

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:

When asked whether she will serve as “ambassador of Obamacare” like her predecessor Kathleen Sebelius or “the Health and Human Services Secretary for the American people,” the Obama administration’s nominee to head HHS, Sylvia Burwell, told a Senate committee Thursday that she serves the American people “first and foremost.”

“I am part of the president’s administration. I am honored to be appointed. First and foremost, I serve the American people. I believe that the president and his policies are aligned with that and will work, but I’m here to serve the American people,” Burwell said at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

Burwell told the committee that the Affordable Care Act has improved the economy, reduced the growth of health costs and premiums, and expanded coverage. “The law is making a positive difference,” she said.

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