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Swiss Bureaucrats in Gold Panic

by Pater Tenebrarum,

Switzerland’s Keynesian Dunderheads

There is an initiative underway in Switzerland to once again increase the gold backing of the Swiss Franc. Readers may remember that the Swiss Franc was the currency that held out the longest with an almost 100% gold backing. Then came the 1990s and plenty of political pressure, until the Swiss buckled and began to sell most of their gold – at ridiculously low prices, natch.

We don’t know what kind of thinking informed Switzerland’s central bankers at the time, but we certainly know that their modern successors are a bunch of Keynesian dunderheads and committed central planners. If you don’t believe us read their papers, which can be found on the SNB’s web site, or just look at their policies (the SNB does maintain a very good web site by the way, we have to give it that. A number of euro area NCBs would do well to adapt their useless web sites along similar lines).

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