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Supreme Court: cops can shoot you in a “high speed chase”

from AdamKokesh:

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2 comments to Supreme Court: cops can shoot you in a “high speed chase”

  • This is nothing new , except in the past the police usually waited after some one was pulled over before they opened up on any subject !
    Next question is who will determine at what stage of the chase will the police have the authority to open up on any subject ?
    I can see it now , as soon as the patrol car lights go on , out will come the blazing guns !
    I can see the body count of the by-standers mounting now ! It will not be pretty . Probably good idea for by-standers to arm themselves for defense against ” Drive By ” police shootings !

  • jerry

    And this ruling will undoubtedly lead to another that any resistance at all will meet deadly force. As we can see this is already the case and thy need it JUSTFIED

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