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Sprott – It Is Possible That We Will See $400 – $1,000 Silver

from KingWorldNews:

Sprott: “I hope that we find out that there is no gold left because I think we are dealing with the bottom of the vaults. Jams Turk was making a comment that we are starting to see 1960s bars showing up at the refineries. Well, that’s just because they are getting to the bottom of the barrel….

“So I think the outlook is stunning for all of the metals.”

Eric King: “You brought up James Turk. He has a target of $400 for silver. Is that realistic?”

Sprott: “Eric, it’s always tough to answer a question like that because we don’t know what the authorities are going to do. Even my partner Rick Rule suggested, ‘Well, you can default on some things.’ And we know there has to be some form of default. We say either ‘We can’t afford to pay you’ or ‘We’re going to depreciate the currency and we are going to pay you with devalued currency.’

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1 comment to Sprott – It Is Possible That We Will See $400 – $1,000 Silver

  • mac

    1) if U were a billionaire, would u let Eric King tell the world?

    2) I do not know, but it is unlikely Mr Sprott has anything substantial remaining after his “all in” blitz a few years back…

    …and he has had to step down as boss of some fund/s cuz he was sinking the ship, I guess….

    well, good luck to him as he has got good ‘data’….

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