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Special Report on CPS Sponsored Child Abductions: CPS Insiders Blow the Whistle

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I am presently in touch with two former CPS agents, one senior analyst for a war college and two mainstream publications who are investigating many of the same allegations that I am going to bring forth in the next two articles. For now, I am not publishing names, however, this may soon change and names and exact positions may indeed be identified.

Disturbing Reports from CPS Insiders

I was recently contacted by a pair of former CPS agents who became thoroughly disgusted with the present state of affairs. Initially, I was told that “Dave, you are spot on with your assessment regarding the nature and intent of CPS’s planned enforcement of the concern’s delineated in the manual entitled, “Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention Assessment, and Intervention”.

One of the CPS agents proceeded to use the term “concerns” because this manual merely provides a very subjective coverage of the “definition” of neglect/abuse/ children and its subsequent impact. The issues detailed in this “user manual” will be enforced using Obamacare as a legal means to carry out what amounts to tyranny. This is exactly what I recently reported on my website.

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1 comment to Special Report on CPS Sponsored Child Abductions: CPS Insiders Blow the Whistle

  • rheawhite

    This type of crap could easily be remedied if parents would start filing claims against CPS, under Title 18 U.S.C., sec. 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights.
    This is a very powerful statute that is both civil and criminal. What they are doing
    is very, seriously wrong, and there are a lot of people involved with the CPS, including lawyers and judges. You can even file claims on the state and county levels,
    citing this federal code, that would get these criminals running, and hiding. Don’t just take my word for it, go look up the code

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