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[Ed. Note: 404 error at I.R.D. and at Dave Hodges’ site today. Seems some entity out there doesn’t want the truth shared.]

from Investment Research Dynamics:

I honestly don’t know how long they can keep up this fraud using fraudulent Comex paper. It’s gone on much longer that I ever thought conceivable. I think we all underestimated the degree of corruption in DC and NYC, which means we’re all underestimating the consequences.

We find out yesterday in a Washing Times article that Obama authorized the use of military force against U.S. civilians in 2010:  LINK.  As it turns out, the option of using the military in the Cliven Bundy situation was considered.  Is that the type of policy all you Obama supporters voted for?

Gold and silver get smashed in Comex trading every day this week, despite an avalanche of fundamental news that should have triggered a big move higher in the price of gold/silver.  A friend and colleague of mine called me this morning and said “they smashed gold and silver everyday this week – there has to something really bad coming at us.”

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  • Gary

    Agree something bad is coming. It’s 2008 on steroid and per David Stockman, there’ll be no TARP to bail them out this time. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down (except those of us who follow SGTReport).

    • NIX

      Sorry Gary but it can go much longer than we think in my view and it’s called (SDR)
      IMF to the res Q !!!

      • Tim

        Sadly, I agree with you. I think they’re going to keep this going much longer than any of us imagine. Gold and silver have been suppressed for 3 years now, and many think that this will change soon. Why does it have to change? What’s to stop them from keeping the PMs suppressed for several more years?

        • Ed_B

          While I agree that this has been kept going for FAR longer than any of us thought possible, we are now seeing some real cracks in the facade of this manipulation. The LIBOR rigging scandal, the Barclay’s gold manipulation scandal, mysterious banker deaths, Deutsche Bank giving up its gold fix seat in London and no buyers stepping forth for it, and the nearly empty Western bullion vaults all indicate that this can’t continue for much longer. When these people smash PM prices lower, they think that they have won. But lately, Asian buyers have come into the market and gobbled up both metals and futures contracts at these beaten down prices. They are not interested in paper. They want METAL and they will stand for delivery to get it. The S is well and truly about to HTF in this regard. Yes, something wicked this way comes… and it won’t be long before it gets here, either.

        • Eric

          Supply and demand.

        • Paul T

          I hope they can suppress it several more years, that’s more we can all stack for cheap!

    • The Truth

      Well here is proof of what is coming. This is a video by Brother John F.

      It shows all the stocks which support the Dow Transport are in a bubble and the DT itself is in a bubble. There is a reason for the smash in gold and silver. These criminals need to profit as much as they can without warning the public of the crisis. Lets me say this every 7-8yrs since 1987 we have had a crisis. Believe me this one will start this year but the real crash like 08 will come in 2015. They did the same thing in 2008 with the metals. Only this time gold and silver will be the only asset that you can accumulate(if there is any left physically) that is not in a bubble. By smashing the metals continuously, the average person will be lead to believe the metals are too risky. This is not a new scheme it is a golden one. Keep stacking because the next fraud will be to accept this new currency that is supposedly backed by gold and it will be as golden as a Delta gold credit card which they can turn on or off at anytime.

      • Ed_B

        I absolutely agree on the new currency. It will have all kinds of allusions to gold and / or silver but no way whatever of converting from paper to metal at all. Americans should categorically reject this crap as more of the same fiat nonsense that has plagued this country since 1933. Fiat currency is a financial abomination. Even J.P. Morgan himself said it all when he said, “Gold is money. All else is credit.”. Yes, and silver is money too. REAL money that cannot be printed to extinction out of the arse end of either an elephant or a donkey.

    • iguana green

      will the silver and gold holders be the ones that mirror the elite?
      Will there be a market? Will the UN come and storm our doors down to confiscate all tangibles?
      I’m not knocking precious metals I own. But what with all the government rattles, I’m becoming more afraid of it’s real intentions.
      Again, will the precious metal holders become the rich? Part of the new Elite?
      I am trying to figure my way into the NWO and what roles we will play. How about you?

  • Gary

    A few years back a colleague asked me what I thought would replace the USD (actually Fed Res Note) as the world’s reserve currency. I hesitated before responding: SDRs.

    I think we have anywhere up to six months before the financial collapse. I do agree that SDRs will be given to infuse liquidity and the nations will eagerly accept them. We all know that nations that borrow from the IMF must sign a memorandum of intent to impose austerity as a condition for the IMF loan. The SDRs won’t be offered to the BoA, CitiBank, JP Morgue, Goldman Sack o’ Sh*ts, et al., but to the Central Banks of the nations.

    So in a sense there will be a jump from a small sinking ship (the fall I mentioned) to a larger sinking ship (the scam you mentioned).

    • I have my doubts about SDR’s. They’re STILL based on fiat money. So…. the whole system (fiat money as we know it) collapses and the pukes replace it with MORE fiat????? Once people’s savings, retirement, 401K’s are worthless, do you think their going to accept a new Monopoly money?

      China, Russia, and any other country holding gold and backing their currency with it are going to chew up countries using fiat. The Ponzi has reached its last heights. The only place to go is down, way down.

      I see the smack in gold. I see the rise of stocks. The Powers are saying…. let’s pack this turd completely full of dynamite and let her blow. It’s OVER.

      Only a few have a clue what’s coming. It will the most devastating thing that mankind has seen for centuries and not one frickin bit is going to be pretty.

      • Gary

        It won’t be the average person who will be accepting and trading in SDRs but the surviving banks. We little people will still have our devalued dollars, yens, euros, etc. but they may be renamed something different (Treasury dollar?). Whether we allowed the continuation of the fiat fraud to be fostered upon us depends on whether the people have been awakened and are alert to it or whether they remain asleep and content to have government save their bacon. Considering that here in Estados Unidos we have 49 million members in the Frei Scheisse Armee it’s hard to imagine this nation having a Great Awakening. Too many receive their indoctrination from the MSM and are clueless.

        • Your comment on the MSM brainwashing is absolutely true. I’m just trying to imagine the ramp job that’s going to needed to explain to the masses that everything that they thought was theirs is now gone. The media does their job exceptionally well (as far as brainwashing and lies), but I can’t see this getting “masked” over.

          Distraction????? War would be numero-uno. Weather extremes, possibly. I just can’t see how the raping, burning, dismemberment, and complete evisceration of the people is going to be “explained.”

      • Ed_B

        “So…. the whole system (fiat money as we know it) collapses and the pukes replace it with MORE fiat?????”

        Yep. That’s exactly what these PsOS will do. The fiat monetary system has been the most corrupt and insanely profitable effort in the history of humanity. They will not give this up lightly. They are on it like heroin addicts. First, they will offer all manner of replacement fiat currencies and all of them will mention gold or silver… BUT… they will not be convertible to these metals because these jack-wagons do not have ANY metal to back up these new fiat currencies… well, at least any metal that they will share. But they will imply that they do. They will use soothing and slick words to imply this. Do not believe them and do not accept this crap as money… because… it ISN’T money. It is more of the same old fiat crap.

        • lastmanstanding

          Ed, Gary and Mark…I wish that you guys were my neighbors.

          It is time to turn this bs upside down and let the earth decide who stays.

  • Savvy937

    As of 2:42 PM EST, I tried accessing the link to said story, and it says Nothing Found…

    Gee, I wonder what forces want to make sure that very few people can read said article…

  • Angel

    Whenever we witness acts of reckless abandon or the throwing of all caution to the wind, it more often than not means there’s serious trouble ahead.

    Many of us on this site have been all too used to metals manipulation for years on end, but what we’re now witnessing is WAY beyond anything we’ve seen before. Even referring to it as “manipulation on steroids” is an understatement.

    With each passing day, I get the distinct feeling that something VERY bad is brewing just below the surface. I cannot lend proof, but simply look to the extreme desperation of the cartel that they feel they need to CONTINUOUSLY and BLATANTLY beat on the metals and curtail any chance of upward movement. They’re absolutely relentless and they couldn’t make it more obvious. Why?

    As such, it’s high time we all keep a sharp eye on things so as not to be caught off guard.

    • Ed_B

      I agree 100%, Angel. I have had the same feeling about the US stock market for some time. I can’t put my finger on WHY but am absolutely sure that their IS something that is coming at us that will be horrific. When the hairs on the back of one’s neck stand up for no apparent reason, we can safely assume that there IS a reason – we just do not know what it is. The logical mind is a wondrous thing – a great tool that can do many things. But the subconscious mind is every bit as powerful, just in different ways. These feelings of impending doom cannot be proved via logic or hard data but our intuition is saying that there IS a reason for these feelings. We ignore this intuition at our peril.

  • Johan

    Makes the full article all the more interesting. Still down tho

  • mangrove

    Something ominous is always coming, seriously. I mean, we all know they can’t keep this charade going — but putting a time on when TSHTF is close to impossible. That said, what’s with the 404 error at I.R.D.? I did a search on the site and the article title and short synopsis comes up, but the link doesn’t work. That’s odd because you’d think that whoever is blocking the article would take the whole site down. Since that’s not the case, perhaps I.R.D. will re-post. Someone, please capture it and re-post somewhere! And, what’s the connection with Dave Hodges’ site? I know he did a couple of articles in the past few days regarding people’s money being stolen from bank accounts and retirement accounts. Hmmmm….

    Topping off the gas in the car, getting extra cash outta the bank, stocking up on food …. oh wait, this is part of my daily living already. lol

    • Ed_B

      “Topping off the gas in the car, getting extra cash outta the bank, stocking up on food …. oh wait, this is part of my daily living already.”

      Amen to that, Bro. Having some gold and / or silver is good too… as well as some way to protect what we have from those who have no clue and will want what we have… desperately. And a desperate human being is one of the most dangerous critters out there. Be careful, folks… and be ready for some bad crap.

  • Johan

    Perhaps you were under the impression this was going to be a bump in the road, gold would skyrocket and we would all be rich
    This is going to be the biggest disaster of history, millions will die, trillions of dollars will go up in smoke and tolitarian rule will rise out of the ashes of riots and chaos.
    The reason this has been going on for so long and the desperation for keeping it going is because the crash will be so much greater. Man-made and not by coincidence or blind desperation

    • NIX

      I sadly agree with you.

    • “This is going to be the biggest disaster of history, millions will die, trillions of dollars will go up in smoke and tolitarian rule will rise out of the ashes of riots and chaos.
      The reason this has been going on for so long and the desperation for keeping it going is because the crash will be so much greater. Man-made and not by coincidence or blind desperation.

      Johan, you are exactly right.

      The outcome might have some variances though. If this goes and Marshal law is implemented, you no longer have to abide by any of their commands. The Constitution is a contract between government and the people. Even those these assholes haven’t used it for a hundred years, the people still believe in it. A suspension means the contract is void. It truly will be a “us vs them” battle. If you sit and take it, you will die. If you fight back, you’ll probably still die, but at least you “might” have a chance. The choice will have to be made be each and everyone of us. The REAL power has always been in the numbers. Maybe we need to use some of that power……… soon.

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  • mangrove

    Go to I.R.D.’s home page and you’ll find most of the article at the top of the page.

  • mangrove

    ^^^ EDIT: I think that’s the entire article on the I.R.D. home page. Doesn’t appear to be revealing anything that others aren’t covering…. so, it’s probably an internal glitch on their site. Not sure what to think about Dave Hodges’ site. His articles are pretty extreme, even for me — he’s always citing sources who we’re just supposed to believe, which always seems suspicious.

  • Angel

    The full article can be accessed by clicking on to this link. Look for the headline amongst the other articles.

  • Tom Aumeg

    So the question is (A) what is it that’s coming, and (B) how are they so sure.

    Here is just a thought: The answer to part B explains part A. They are so sure of it, because they are the cause, in that they’ve decided it has to come. Some detail: Until now, the only answer they’ve had to anything is to print money. And it has only made things worse. But stopping it would cause every bit of the collapse they tried to avoid in 2008, and more. And many of their fellow elite would be the victims. So it’s not that they care about the serfs, but that they have to get warnings out to those who will listen. I am suggesting that the obvious, and possibly only explanation that fits everything is that they have decided to abandon money printing, voluntarily. This means that the whole structure of derivatives over a quadrillion dollars high will collapse, and take the whole system with it. All your savings will be wiped out, as will all fractional-reserve stock portfolios, and precious metals funds. Every brokerage will go down, and you’ll never recover anything. Message to the fellow elites who know how to read it: Get into hard assets now.

  • Gnostic

    Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country. Mike Rivero Hat tip

    Also-Another Banker Dead: IRAN Executes Rothschild Billionaire On $2.6 Billion Bank Fraud ~ Used Fraudulent Funds To Implement Agenda 21 In Buying State Property.

  • NaySayer

    The one reason why I think that it will hit the fan very soon is that our bankster overlords are losing control, particularly to the new gold backed Eastern bloc nations.

    If they had their way, they would keep ripping out the throat of the american 99% but the rest of the world has had it with them and will cut the bottom out of the petrodollar power. Then it is over.

    Fema camps will go fully operational, martial law will be decared, the us millitary will be used against american citizens (I hope most of them are not bankster dupes and will refuse to kill the little kids, pregnant women and senior citizens depicted on those sick targets homeland security a.k.a. the gestapo specially ordered to train psychos).

    Hopefully the many states that have had it with the washington/Wall Street/City of London psychos and their corruption will simply ignore the martial law orders and also order their own national guards to stand down and only use them to stop federal agent round ups of citizens for the fema death camps.

    They will use a horrific false flag if they think it will work again to enrage the american populace against well whoever is handy to blame it on. We need to not fall for it. Don’t volunteer for any military service except that which protects your own local area or those states that band together to keep liberty and the rule of law under the constitution. Don’t cooperate with rationing.

    You think the new money will be SDRs??? Not for us slaves. We wil be using ration cards. You can’t buy food, meds, fuel or medical care without the ration card permission slip and if they don’t like your attitude or politics, you WON’T GET ONE.
    Communist russia used something very similar against dissidents in the eary days of soviet Russia. You will voluntarily go to the fema death camp if you think you can get food or meds for your aged parents or kids.

    Forget travel except in areas that are still free. you will need special “passes” permission slips to leave your town, county, state or region. You won’t get one unless you are an elite, a collaborator or are willing to give a blow job to the guard on duty.

    Welcome to concentration camp amerika and we are all the jews.

    • Believable up to the last line, then you had to throw in the poor persecuted Jew thing. Many folks, myself included understand the BIG lie. Your little “message” works in the opposite direction, instead of sympathy you get rage.

      Big lies need to be backed up, BIG TIME. Presidential Libraries to enshrine the biggest traitors in American history. The 911 Memorial to cover up the “real” truth behind that event…… and Holohoax Museums in almost every major city.

      If I have to go with your reasoning, then I’ll spin it another angle a tad. If the poor little Jew is constantly hounded throughout history, there is a very valid reason for it. They deserve it. The word greed seems to fit extremely well here. In the case of Zionism and Israhell itself, that word changes to pure frickin EVIL.

      I understand the lie. Others too. I’ll scream it out with a megaphone so that others will hear and understand. That little “seed” needs some gas poured on it so that it NEVER bears fruit again.

      • NaySayer

        Blah blah hate the jews, hate the catholics, hate the masons, hate the russians, hate the blah blah. I don’t CARE what someone’s religion or ideology is. I care about their ACTIONS. Everything ese is elite divide and conquer strategy and I am not falling for it.

        Anybody, I mean ANYBODY who stands up for liberty, the rule of law and the bill of rights to the U.S. constitution is okay by me. Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Wiccan, Hindu, gay straight or a drag queen in a dress is okay by me if they fight tyranny and for liberty for all under the bill of rights.

        You keep hating and go down because you didn’t think anybody was good enough to fight by your side. I’ll take any liberty lover and be happy to call them brothers and sisters in arms if it comes to that.

        • Wow…. was a “that” a redirection????

          I’m not fooled, but give it your best shot. Click my name and post away. It’s been a while since my last few “tussles” on Zero Hedge. I might be a little rusty, but I always enjoy the workouts.

    • Gnostic

      Naysayer, How about we are all Japanese or Italians or Germans or Slavs? Why are the Jews the poster children for Work camps?

      The German’s treated the Jews far better than the Soviets or Allies did their civilian prisoners, Many of the work camps in Poland & Germany had swimming pools, hospitals, brothels, theaters, If the Soviets did not shut off supply lines after the War many more Jews, Germans, Poles, Czechs civilians women & children would have survived.

      The cat’s out of the bag on the myth of the holohoax. The real Holocaust was the burnt offering at Dresden & Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki after Germany & Japan surrendered.

      The only crime these nations were guilty of was opposing the Rothschild banksters.

      • NaySayer

        Other types of people in concentration death camps would work also, however, many of us had relatives who fought in WWII and it is the most well known of the attempted genocides in the recent western past.

        I could say that this is the soviet union and we are all the Kulaks but then who would know what that meant besides a few?

        there are good jewish people and bad ones, I am definatey not a fan of the evil rothschild or Warburg famiies or of the supposedy christian bush family or the supposedly democratic and christian rockefeller family. Add inthe supposedly christian royal families of britian and the netherlands, also spain.

        I don’t buy into this hate the jews, hate the catholics hate the blah blah. That is a big mistake. There are good people and bad people of all kinds

        • Markus

          Yeah death camps..

          “Is it true,” I asked, “that the Germans taught jews such trades as carpentry, bricklaying, machine tooling, plumbing, farming, animal husbandry, auto mechanics, etc.?”

          “Yes,” he said, “they did. The Germans also helped the Zionists to have their own money, banks, postage stamps, post offices and police, all of which were recognized by the German authorities.”

  • Johnny Fever

    I Agree, I have accepted this and have made my desicion .. I will not live on my knees, i will fight for my freedom and my young childrens freedom … It is hard to imagine that this is coming here … I just hope we have time to educate the ignorant, though they seem to love thier ignorance … Stay Viligant Brothers, Peace

  • petedivine

    I’m guessing a force majeure is about to be announced at the LBMA for Gold and possibly silver. For the last couple of years China has been vacuuming up the gold. Looks like India will match them once their tariffs on gold are fully repealed. There has been a lot of discussion about prolonged backwardation which hints at scarcity. Then the surprising announcement that the silver fix will be ending after 100 plus years. Deutsche Bank declines silver and gold fix seats. I’m also guessing PMs have not been reaching the market as forecast. Events like the Kennecott mine collapse which represented 15% of U.S. silver production, Barrick Gold’s 3 billion plus disappointment in Pascua-Lama mine, and the decline in PM mining from South Africa to name a few big events in mining.

    These banker smack downs in PMs are probably to get the lowest cash settlement price possible. I recall when Force Majeure conversations were the rage about 12 months ago. I think we may finally be approaching that point.

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