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Silver Miners On Death Row

by Charles Savoie, Gold Silver Worlds:

“The silver industry is blindly fighting against extinction” —Mining Congress Journal, July 1930, page 549

Four generations after this statement in the Mining Congress Journal, we continue to behold, some of us almost in a state of shock, this same hell spawned banking community attack against historic money, along with a gold price which, while not so drastically depressed as silver, also squelches maximum gold production in a world starved for both precious metals. Two key articles have recently appeared on this matter of silver companies struggling to maintain their existence. In April I released “Silver Bully Boys And Their Kept Slaves” and in late May another item presented an even bleaker financial picture descriptive of current conditions in the silver mining industry, “2013 Full Year Results—Top Primary Miners Real Cost To Produce Silver.” If a price turnaround is delayed too long, the mining companies will be forced to shut down mining (probably mining higher grade ore at this time) —to sell properties, merge or liquidate. Meanwhile, silver users like Tiffany & Company make wild markups on fabricated silver. In “Silver Supply Exclusion Targets—Tiffany & Avery Craftsman,” a May 2014 release, we saw that Tiffany sells a sterling baby rattle, probably containing no more than one third ounce of silver, for $400. Why should silver users make enormous profits on silver, while silver suppliers run on life support, if at all? The New York Times, June 19, 1973, page 49, reported that Tiffany & Company called a silver price of $2.59 per ounce “crazy.”

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