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SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse – 5.09.14

This is a SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse for the week ending Friday, May 9th.

In this episode:

– The Fed’s Janet Yellen Testimony
– Precious Metals Demand ON THE RISE
– Jeffrey Christian’s CPM Group: Clouding the Facts, Again.
– WW3 Update
– Western backed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
– False Flag in Odessa
– Putin Readies Nuclear Forces
– King Obama Baratheon

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31 comments to SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse – 5.09.14

  • Frank Zak

    Janet Yellen in the Garden of Eden.

  • Eric

    Well he IS evil and definitely doesn’t live in reality.

    Good Video!

  • Dissolution

    Nice! Love this format, Sean. Keep ’em coming. Great way to reach the newly awake(ning), too.

  • polonius

    Wish we could have the little red bull icon back in the browser tabs.

  • Praxis

    Sean, you’re a good writer/producer. I’m actually miffed you don’t have your own longer format show because bringing home the bacon is top dog. It’d be great! Better than Max Keiser’s screaming shenanigans! This niche (which threatens msm gravely) is sort of odd but unapologetically biased toward individual liberty. People like you deserve to fill that vacuum. Essentially it’s competing against RT where there’s still a huuuuugge unfulfilled shadow market. I call it shadow due to the consolidation of big media/gov which wields a massive litigious hammer domestically to snuff it out. I don’t have any broadcast television feeds anymore but it seems RT has been able to get away with a ton of eyeballs despite that and I don’t know how. I generally like RT but it all seems fishy.

    • Ed_B

      I agree that RT i worth watching and that they have segments that aren’t shown on any other cable channel. One still needs to do their own DD and that starts with having a good BS filter firmly in place. RT has their biases too but once those are worked around, some good info can be had there.

      Yeah, I would LOVE to see Sean have a half hour weekly program called “The Plain Truth” or “Real News”… something like that. It would be absolutely GREAT. It’s MUCH needed.

    • SGT

      Praxis and Ed, thanks very much for the feedback. What Max Keiser does daily is quite a feat, it’s very hard to produce 30 solid minutes of anything every day. And I usually really value his interpretation and spin on Bankster criminality, etc. He’s very good & very smart so I have a lot of respect for him. I really feel honored to have an audience here/on You Tube to share this information with. Thank you!

      • Ed_B

        No problem, Sean. Your stuff is definitely a cut or two above that of Max K. Because of Max’s tendency to become hysterical during his comments, I cannot recommend him to any of my friends or family. I CAN recommend SGT Report to them without reservation. Yes, Max has the quantity, but you, my friend, most definitely have the quality. Like gold and silver, quality matters! 🙂

        • Praxis

          I’m right with there you, Ed. A half hour weekly would be amazing with Sean’s prowess, if he had the time to produce and check a million references. It’s silly hard to manage during the few hours of so called ‘free time’. I can relate. I’ve had virtually no free time since the year turned and that doesn’t seem to be ablating anytime soon, not that I’m complaining. My neighbors might eventually when the lawn grows over. 😛

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  • MRH

    Good stuff, Sean! I like what you’re doin’, keep ’em coming!

  • Abby

    Yummy! I like. This is going to be weekly ? Right? I still burst into tears everything I see that pregnant lady. Gotta be the most evil thing I have seen in a long time.

    • SGT

      MRH & Abby, thanks much – and yes, will try to do at least one “re-cap” each week, so please stay tuned.[and I agree Abby, unbelievably sad stories around the world daily, but the murder of a pregnant woman is unspeakably evil.]

  • Tom G.

    I also like this format. Thanks Sean. Have a great weekend.

  • Antony

    Nice format! As always Sean and hats off to Rory as well (hope I spelled his name right), your website is a blessing! So much truth and great information and just don’t get that from most other sites. Whenever I look at…ugh it is just terrible, especially if it is against what they is so obvious! I still have an email account from!
    I do have a question about the dollar and the euro. If I recall correctly most have said that the euro would most likely crash before the that still viable? It is still stronger than the dollar like around 70-72 cents and not much has been said about the euro lately. Any news on that? Personally I would rather the euro crash before the dollar as I am overseas and get paid in dollars. Thanks! Have a blessed weekend!!

    • SGT

      Thx Antony, Tom G, Jacobson & all — Antony, I’ll try to explore that issue in future interviews, it’s a good question to re-ask. The dollar has the FED backing it, the Euro has the IMF and neither seem willing to “allow” a collapse… so print print print… But keep this in mind: Andy Hoffman keeps telling us that the first major western currency to hyperinflate will be… the Japanese YEN.

  • aa

    Great SGT, keep them coming.

  • Jacobson

    Nice .
    Thank’s !

  • Johny Comelately

    Hi Sean,

    I do seasonal work. In the winter I spend 5 hours a day trying to keep up with the news. Now during my busy time I only have an hour every other day. SGT is my first go to place for information. Your weekly wrap really helps put perspective on the news when I’m so busy! I think your wrap up is a great idea that can be even better if you’d cover more news in this format.

    Things are happening so fast now that I’m sure others are having trouble keeping up too. We need perspective and someone like you to document the collapse.

    Thanks so much for the work you’re doing!

  • mangrove

    Great wrap-up. And a great service. It’s actually rather stunning to hear the important news and revelations of the week in such a short space. Of course, none of it was really news to me, because I tend to keep up (thanks to this site and a few others), but nonetheless, re-capping the ongoing nightmare really helps cement REALITY in my brain, and reminds me of just how important my prepping and decision-making continues to be. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and even get a little complacent, but this synopsis really brings it all home again. Thanks Sean and crew!

  • Hman

    Sean, loved your new addition “SGT News Brief” it’s short, rich, and to the point.

    Well done..

  • So if silver won’t work in Europe in a collapse will it work in the US? The metals don’t sound promising in a collapse.Sounds like food and things to barter is the way to go ! I think i will keep my stack but im not buying anymore unless the price falls below $19 . Food,ammo,meds,water,seeds,and all the things that we use in our every day life.I think it would be wise to buy a little extra every shopping trip.

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