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This is a SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse for the week ending Friday, May 16th.

In this episode:

– UK Prime Minister David Cameron Targets Bank Accounts
– Fascist US Oligarchy Installs Offspring & Family Friends on Board of Ukraine’s largest Gas Co.
– Food Price Inflation in the U.S. SOARS
– California Burns
– London Silver Fix Folds as Deutsche Bank Flees
– CPM’s Jeffrey Christian Spins the News, Proposes COMPUTERIZED Silver Price Fix

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  • JC


    These updates are great – keep it up and thank you for taking action in these dangerous times.

    • SGT

      Thanks JC, these should hit once a week if I find time to keep up. Appreciate the feedback & support.

      • Frank Zak

        I like this SGT news format.

        It is interesting in Christian’s yearbook, which has
        tremendous impact in the industry, which he just published;
        he shows some interesting information on silver volatility
        and makes the case for a silver upside quite convincingly.

        There are other silver gurus now copycating his info
        without giving him credit.

        Christian’s yearbook showed silver supply and demand
        is now equal. This was an incredible shock.

        My experience over the decades has shown traders will
        not short a commodity unless it is overproduced.

        Silver last had equal supply demand in 2003. Then the
        photo industry went digital and set it back.

        The shorts must now cover and find another commodity
        to short.

        It is clear Christian now has a bias for silver based
        on his volatility charts.

        As he has been the most accurate forecaster of silver
        and gold for years now, if you were a short trader
        of silver, would you still hold on to short naked
        silver contracts ?

        All the silver gurus and miners get Christian’s yearbook.

        They are all watching him like a hawk.

        • glitter 1

          “Christian’s yearbook showed silver supply and demand
          is now equal. This was an incredible shock.”

          I think it is less about Shill Christian’s yearbook stats as much as it’s about the Most Mega Oversold Condition in history and the soon to come cross over of the weekly chart MACD.
          In addition I’m possitive that the JPM(Read Rothchild’s Bank)holding the largest illegal short position in history has nothing to do with manipulation(read waterfall selloffs since 2011)on the CME Crimex.
          If the Crimex was a functioning free market,with legitamate lawful oversight by the CFTC,these discussions wouldn’t even be taking place.
          When the Reset comes and the PM’s are repriced multiples higher all the blather about supply/demand will give way to true valuation vs real money/currency values.That will be the time when real money talks and BS walks and the truth tellers will be vindicated vs the shills/deceivers. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Tom G.

    Thank you Sean for taking the time to put these News Briefs together. Concise and informative. What more could one want? You even got the soft piano music in the background. Nice.

    • SGT

      Thx a lot Tommy G. There’s much more going on than can be covered in 5 minutes, but that’s what the website is for. Also, we very much value the comments guys, 🙂

  • Dissolution

    Informative, hard-hitting, eloquent and articulate. Nice work as always.

  • Eric

    Very good recap of this crazy week. Kinda blows the fools over at CNN away. I dig the weekly news briefs. Hopefully some sheeple see it.

  • Jacobson

    Intersting , thank’s sgt .
    John Kerry – the well known bastard that is trying to force Israel make agreements .
    If he is part of the cabal and works against Israel – who’s the wolf ?

    And it is so nice to see another criminal named “christian” .
    You see , I told you it’s not the juice , it is the modern crusaders .

  • Hman

    I have been working 14 hrs a day 6 days a week, and these news briefs are excellent way to keep me updated.

    Thanks Sean & team for all the good work.

  • Dissolution

    Im not sure why, but surprisingly i havent seen this mentioned anywhere else yet:

    This is huge.

  • mangrove

    These news briefs are a huge public service. Too bad more of the public doesn’t tune in. Your efforts are very much appreciated regardless.

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