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Scientists Create Semi-Synthetic Bacteria With Synthetic DNA. Why?

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

Since life began DNA has been composed of two base pairs, A-T and C-G. Every living organism on the planet has DNA that is made up from combinations of these base pairs…until now.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have engineered a new code, a new base pair, and they have incorporated it into a single bacterium by supplying the building blocks in the form of a fluid applied externally to the bacterium it replicated, just as a natural organism would. The bacteria they chose for their experiments is E. coli.

The research was published in the online journal Nature.

Preempting the inevitable questions about a runaway reaction and the world being faced with an entirely new, semi-synthetic organism, the researchers were quick to point out that they have to supply nutrients externally to make the bacteria replicate. Nowhere in the literature can I find any indication that they have considered mutation, adaptation or anything else that could lead to this ‘enhanced’ E. coli making a break for freedom.

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1 comment to Scientists Create Semi-Synthetic Bacteria With Synthetic DNA. Why?

  • delllat

    this is so ridiculous.. are you a chemist? a biologist? a biochemist? WTF are you writing about? you are similar to a presstitute you write about everything but you know nothing..!!
    WTF do you know about DNA or RNA…Cells employ an “ARSENAL” of editing mechanisms to correct mistakes made during DNA replication. EVEN SYNTHETIC REPLICATION!!!
    Do you know about DNA proof reading? Mismatch repair? Do you know about human enzymes or how they work? Do You know about the complex “defense” mechanism of the human body?
    Do you know WTF an e. coli bacteria is? Do you know how useful it is to manipulate? Nucleotide repair? Base repair? Macrophage?
    Have you read the FULL SYNTHETIC journal information????
    Did you know that e. coli has been “ENGINEERED” to produce insulin? Does not insulin save lives? Bovine insulin used to be extracted from pig livers to help people!!!
    WHO ARE YOU?????????

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