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Schiff CNBC Squawk Box 6-13-06 [Flashback]

[Ed. Note: Priceless…at 6:45, Peter Schiff’s nemesis Diane Swonk in this 2006 interview holds up Detroit as an example of “productivity growth” in our debt-based economy]

from Peter Schiff:

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3 comments to Schiff CNBC Squawk Box 6-13-06 [Flashback]

  • Joe

    ■Diane Swonk–Council on Foreign Relations, member

  • Joel

    Interesting, I didnt know Swonk was part of the CFR, Joe, but that makes even more sense. “those who fail to learn their history are doomed to repeat it”. Peter Schiff has been as right and as ridiculed as much as anyone by the MSM financial elite, which is telling in itself ……..

  • Slvrizgold

    You don’t need to have CFR members as news hosts because even the directors and producers have handlers. Operation Mockingbird never takes a day off.

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