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Rick Rule’s Top 3 Resource Picks

from StansberryMedia :

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3 comments to Rick Rule’s Top 3 Resource Picks

  • Rich

    He is wrong to say that the junior miners are 75% more attractive because they have fallen by 75%. He should have said they are 300% more attractive (3 times more attractive).

  • Frank Zak

    Some good news for silver just came out
    in CPM Group yearly supply demand.

    Production up, but decreases in recyling
    actually led to a 2% drop in total supply.

    While total supply is likely to remain
    stagnant in 2014, every major category
    of demand is expected to increase except

    This is very good news for silver, which
    had been overproduced for years.

    Best possible news.

  • Rich

    How can uranium companies produce for $70 per pound, then sell for $35 per pound, and “make it up on volume”, as Rule states in the interview? It doesn’t make sense.

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