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Paul Craig Roberts – Putin’s Threat Just Stunned U.S. & Europe

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “Dr. Roberts, there is this International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg (Russia). I know the U.S. has pulled out, but does the high level of attendance, despite Washington’s pressure, indicate fading U.S. influence?”

Dr. Roberts: “Yes. One of the advisors to Putin had publicly complained that Washington had put unprecedented pressure on American and European countries not to attend. But it turns out that present at this forum, which began yesterday and continues today and tomorrow, there are official delegations from 62 countries, and the CEOs of 146 of the major companies in the world….

“Last year trade deals were made that totaled $263 billion — more than a quarter of a trillion dollars. And I suspect that there will be an equal success in trade deals this year. For example, the heads of BP, Total (SA), Shell, Exxon, Phillips, Caterpillar, they’ve all gone to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, despite Washington’s pressure.

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2 comments to Paul Craig Roberts – Putin’s Threat Just Stunned U.S. & Europe

  • Ed_B

    The fools in DC are committing a terrible error in all this conflict over Ukraine. They are underestimating this man. He’s tough, smart, and very competent. Ukraine sits right on Russia’s border, so is of great strategic importance to Russia. To understand what Ukraine means to Russia, all we in the US need do is imagine what we would think and do if some powerful country from the other side of the world started fooling around in Mexico or Canada. Would we tolerate that? No, we would not… and neither will Putin. To expect otherwise would be incredibly foolish, naive, and incompetent. Therefore, that is exactly what the Obamunists will do. 🙁

  • Rodster

    “He’s tough, smart, and very competent.”

    Which is just the opposite of what’s running DC. Which is why we are screwed.

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