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Obama and Biden Lie to Graduating Cadets

from Peter Schiff:

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1 comment to Obama and Biden Lie to Graduating Cadets

  • John J

    Come on Peter! You have to get with the Obama-Biden program!!
    Change your way of thinking……
    2 + 2 = 5
    Less = More
    Failure = Success
    Destruction of our economy = Good
    Snap = Economic Growth
    Cheap Energy = Bad
    Shut Down our Coal Fired Power Plants = Good
    Ship our Jobs & Manufacturing Overseas = Growth
    You Didn’t Build That
    If You Like your Plan, You can Keep Your Plan
    If You Like Your Doctor, You can Keep Your Doctor
    Strangle and Suffocate our Nation and it’s Economic Engine = Progress!!
    See… If you think like they do, we as a Nation are headed in
    a positive direction….Right into a Septic Pit!!!

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