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Move Over Oil, Make Room for Marijuana: Texans Want Legalization

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Even suggesting the legalization of marijuana in Texas used to be a form of political suicide. Not a single representative of the Lone Star State would dare talk about it, but with the recent successes in Colorado, which just raked in over $3.5 million in tax revenue from recreational and medical marijuana sales in the first month of the year, and other states looking to cash in on the same pot train, it looks like notoriously conservative Texas might be changing its tune.

Voters certainly favor legalization. A poll conducted by The University of Texas and the Texas Tribune showed that 77 percent of registered voters in Texas believe in some form of legalization. Of that, 28 percent would agree only to medical legalization, while 49 percent are in favor of blanket legalization.

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2 comments to Move Over Oil, Make Room for Marijuana: Texans Want Legalization

  • jonathan

    I love this article and hate it. I hate the fact that it spreads the propaganda that hemp is a plant which it is not it is the fibres inside the plant. Marijuana is not a plant it is the buds on top of the plant.

  • jonathan

    What uneducated people call industrial hemp is a strain of Cannabis Sativa that was brought to Europe during the Roman empire. Due to war and the European culture keeping trade secrets secret ended in it becoming a weed that produced a lot of fibre and no resinous bud on top. I can take any afghani strain and breed it to have the same qualities as Euro Cannabis small weak buds and lots of fibre. They are the same plant there are greater physical differences between Tropical Thai Cannabis and Russian Ruderalis Cannabis then there are between Tropical Thai Cannabis and Euro Industrial Cannabis.

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