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Militarist Bunkum

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

Did you know that 85 to 90 percent of war’s casualties are non-combatant civilians? That is the conclusion reached by a nine-person research team in the June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health. The deaths of soldiers who are fighting the war are a small part of the human and economic cost. Clearly, wars do not protect the lives of civilians. The notion that soldiers are dying for us is false. Non-combatants are the main victims of war.

Keep that in mind for July 4th, which is arriving in six weeks.

July 4th is America’s most important national holiday celebrating American independence from Great Britain. On July 4th, 1776, America’s Founding Fathers declared that the Thirteen Colonies were no longer colonies but an independent country in which the Rights of Englishmen would prevail for all citizens and not only for King George’s administrators. (Actually, the Second Continental Congress voted in favor of independence on July 2, and historians debate whether the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4 or August 2.)

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3 comments to Militarist Bunkum

  • Anon

    What do the .01/1% want? They have TWO stated, primary goals: 1) IMF Debt-enslavement of every country and human being on the planet, and 2) Global depopulation. So, it makes perfect sense, that “they” don’t care how many civilians die in war – when, one of their stated goals is global depopulation. Soldiers and cops just serve the .01/1%, in arriving at their agenda.

    • Anon

      “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
      – Henry Kissinger (comment made to Alexander Haig, White House Chief of Staff, 1973)

      He could just as easily have said the SAME thing about cops being “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in DOMESTIC policy”, because, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, the SAME people who control U.S. Foreign Policy, also control U.S. Domestic Policy – and, they reside at the Pratt House, in N.Y., and at the “Federal” “Reserve” Bank.

  • Rodster

    The NWO that the upper .1% want will just cause a total collapse of civilization. Eventually they will be gone as well.

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