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Mike Rivero Dissects the Global Warming & Climate Change FRAUD

from Ry Dawson:

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6 comments to Mike Rivero Dissects the Global Warming & Climate Change FRAUD

  • Cynthia

    Well, if Mike Rivero (whoever that is!) says its not happening, he’s got to be right, right?! Even though 98% of the best, most highly respected climate scientists in the world (as well as most other scientists) say that it is happening, still, this (whoever he is??!) if he says its all a hoax, gotta be, right?!

    I spent YEARS researching this topic, reading everything I could get my hands on– to do a research paper and also as a way to get over death of a loved one– was up half the night on the computer, researching it and read every book I could get my hands on about it and I KNOW DAMN WELL ITS REAL… still, if this nincompoop says its unreal… well, maybe it is– in his opaque mind.


    Cynthia, are you with the Al Gore crowd? When you were doing all your researching, did you see anything about Chemtrails? Those “Scientists” that you take their word,
    who pays them? Gubberment employees? Follow the money!

  • Sam

    Rivero is spot on!

    News flash for the clueless like the shill “Cynthia” above, the Climate does “change” and anyone with a 5th grade science back round ( pre – Common Core brain washing ) knows that this is established fact, hence the Ice Ages that have come and gone through out all of time over and over again 8-/

    The fantastical claims emanating out of the United Nations paid cheating whack jobs over there is that this has become laughable to anyone awake – political science aka not true science hence NONSENSE – because science has never been about politics and yet there are those that believe all of the BS they hear from the clowns.

    Bottom line: AGW is a SCAM!

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