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MH370 and the NWO Ritual Circle of Protection

[Ed. Note: You won’t hear this on CNN. Or from most other alt-media outlets for that matter. However, given that Israel DID have an airplane matching MH370 in its possession, and given that authorities HAVE lied about the cargo manifest, and given that the cockpit audio HAS been edited multiple times according to NBC News, the possibilities about what REALLY happened to the plane and its 239 passengers continues to be explored.]

from MrCati:

This video continues the ongoing MH370 Ritual discussion by showing the recently discovered, Ritual Pentagram, and the NWO Circle of Protection, associated with the MH370 Ritual event and world’s deception of its disappearance.

In addition, a brief conspiratorial and ritual discussion regarding Diego Garcia, is discussed, relative to the ongoing theory, that MH370 and the 239 passengers and crew, made it to Diego Garcia alive.

As such, this theory, then allows us to understand that the Twin MH370 crashed in the Gulf of Thailand, and that the real MH370, is located in the Bay of Bengal. This then suggests that because the 777 was placed in the Bay of Bengal, that the 239 passengers were first removed from Flt MH370 and then systematically ritually sacrificed, later, as needed, in the Sacrifice Zone, known as the Gulf of Thailand.

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