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THIS has To Be The Beginning Of The End Of Precious Metals Manipulation: The London Silver Fix Is Officially Dead — Chris Duane joins me to discuss.

According to the press release: The London Silver Market Fixing Limited (the ‘Company’) announces that it will cease to administer the London Silver Fixing with effect from close of business on 14 August 2014. Until then, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Bank USA N.A. and The Bank of Nova Scotia will remain members of the Company and the Company will administer the London Silver Fixing and continue to liaise with the FCA and other stakeholders.

The period to 14 August 2014 will provide an opportunity for market-led adjustment with consultation between clients and market participants.

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51 comments to LONDON SILVER FIX OFFICIALLY DEAD — Chris Duane

  • Dissolution

    Good interview, thanks for bringing Chris back on. And good on Chris to mention (somewhat late at the 30-min mark) about the timing of the CME wanting to cap daily price fluctuation. Look at this big picture! The writing is on the wall….all over it in big, bold letters.

    • SGT

      the QUICKENING is upon us and IMO it’s distressing. Thanks for tuning in guys –

      • Eric

        Take a break S. The Empire is over. And it’s about time. Both you and Chris have done more to awaken and inform the masses than anyone should have to.

        Golf and fishing. A vacation. Anything that connects with nature. Humans weren’t meant to stare at screens 😉

        • Silver Shield

          Writing a book is a new and fun challenge for me.
          Having another child I think brought about this change.

          • Eric

            You are very blessed Chris. Congratulations on your family. Good luck with the book. We always look forward to what you come up with next and appreciate all your foresight.

      • Ed_B

        Indeed it is, Sean… but… there are MANY plays in this chess game and checkmate IS a ways off. This does, indeed, look like a very positive move, however. It will be VERY interesting to see what happens next. 🙂

    • BUZZ

      You are fooling yourself if you think that the manipulation will end because the official silver fixing meeting has been “abandoned”. The silver HFT computer fix will end only when there are people, states, nations, societies that don’t accept the artificial prices being provided to you by the banking oligarchs who own all of the control systems which we submit to each and every day. Media, Central banks, IRS, markets, politics, monetary systems, etc.

      As long as the majority of amerikan cattle have faith in the USD….silver will be held down on its knees.
      If you are hoping that the USD dies…well…you are hoping for your standard of life will deteriorate to levels found in 3rd world countries. be careful what you wish for. The death of the dollar means probably means that we all become equal to others throughout the world. That means your labor is worth 2 bucks per day.

      Will silver, gold, land, cattle, agg, etc. help you in this transition? Probably yes unless you are forced to liquidate by a tyrannical govt at artificial prices or outright theft.

  • Eric

    Great interview. Very good to hear from Chris again and everyone should check out his newest video.

    The Golden Age or (Silver Age) has arrived! Let’s create the world we all want to live in.

  • Jacobson

    Off topic :
    U.S prevented a 13 billion dollar deal between Israel and Poland .
    Israel wanted to sell anti-ballistic missile system to Poland .

    bla bla 3 billion every year bla bla

    Sorry but I couldn’t stay silent .

  • EndTheFed2011

    I doubt the price suppression will end when the London Fix does, they can still sell naked shorts into oblivion. I don’t think PM manipulation will end until the vaults are empty.

    • n

      You are right. The manipulation will continue unabated in selling naked shorts into the paper markets.

      It is a mark of their desperation that they NEED to do something to make it look like they are doing something about rigged markets, but they will actually do nothing much at all.

      People know that there is something horrifically wrong with our markets, banks, politicians and everything else. They know it and more and more they are finding out what it is. The elite are scared and they should be. So they are arming the police more to protect them. A small town near me just got an armored military vehicle and the local populace are outraged. The sheriff had to hold a town meeting at the local pizza place to answer charges that the government wants the citizens dead.

      They will make it look they they are doing something to end manipulation but they are actually not ending it and they won’t until forced to do so by real events.

      • Ed_B

        Those cute little MRAPs will not long survive if used against US citizens in an attempt to “save” the government from our righteous wrath by crushing our liberty. Yes, they look all tough and bad ass but one Molotov cocktail will pretty much end its reign of terror on the local citizens… and I can just see about a dozen of them coming in all at once. We don’t have such a thing where I live but if the local county sheriff wants something like that, there WILL be a concerted effort to bring in a new sheriff who doesn’t believe that he is at war with the American people. ALL county sheriffs, when asked if they want such a vehicle, should politely refuse, saying that it would cause more difficulty in their community than it would solve. Few Americans want their local police to be militarized. What’s the difference between a militarized local police force and having the army take over? Not much, IMO. JUST SAY NO!

        • Silver Shield

          No one will do the will of the Feds without the dollar functioning.
          Stop fearing the Feds and start worrying about your blind and unprepared neighbors.

          • lastmanstanding

            I absolutely agree.

            Most only do what they do because they need fiat to care for their family.

            Life is about to become a lot different. At least some of us remember what the old school was like.

        • Angel

          I would imagine some are already saving their empty glass bottles instead of getting back the nickle at the recycle center.

  • mike

    As far as I know BaFin didn’t say the PM markets were manipulated worse than libor, bad translation. I wish people would stop saying that, it is misleading just like how the mainstream media misleads. Everyone knows the PM markets are manipulated but pointing out a bad quote from BaFin is not an honest thing to say.

    Hopefully the markets will be able to trade free without manipulation but if the PM’s are manipulated, every Market is manipulated. I think people are going to wake up to massive price increases in everything someday!

    • Ed_B

      I agree, Mike. When the basic necessities of life are priced out of reach of the average citizen, those citizens WILL take matters into their own hands and do whatever is necessary to provide for their families. Not saying that this is good but this IS what happens when the crap hits the fan.

      I fully believe that there will come a time when the US$ is worth very little. When that happens, EVERYTHING will become VERY expensive. When people cannot eat, feed their kids, heat and light their home, or even keep their home, all hell is going to break loose. This is just the way that humans are wired.

      Stackers will be about the only people who have REAL money when the dollar is laid low. People have used gold and silver for thousands of years and seem to inherently recognize the intrinsic value of items made from these precious metals. In very hard times, one will not be able to buy anything that has intrinsic value with something else that does not. It will be items of intrinsic value that are traded. You want food, meds, fuel, ammo, etc.? Then you better have trade goods or PMs to swap for them. Little green paper coupons aren’t going to get it.

      • STEVEN

        Pm’s won’t get it either…people are not going to trade away their food,fuel,ammo etc for pieces of metal you can’t do anything with…fundamental aside,times have changed.People today,or I should say the brain dead,do not see Gold and Silver as money.

        Have Food/Water etc on hand now in case things do get bad and your not out “trying” to barter your Pm’s away.Majority are not going to care about your PM’s when their starving

      • mike

        König actually said, via Google translate:
        “Another issue holding us into the new year, the fidelity: the accusations of manipulation around important reference rates. Were initially LIBOR, Euribor & Co. in focus, also allegations were later loudly in the determination of reference values ​​for currency and precious metals markets, it was not received with the right things. These allegations are particularly serious, because such reference values ​​are based – unlike LIBOR and Euribor – typically on actual transactions in liquid markets and not on estimates of the banks.

        That this topic in the public beats so high waves, is understandable: It is the financial economy is dependent on the confidence of the general public that it is powerful and it makes honest work. The central reference values ​​seemed beyond doubt – and now the suspicion is in the air, they had been manipulated. Supervisors are busy, work up the past, which is far from trivial and will take some time to complete world.

        If somehow you can get “Libor is manipulated worse than libor” out of this than more power to ya Silvershield. You guys bash mainstream then you quote it?

    • mike

      Don’t get me wrong. I think all markets are manipulated but just pointing out that PMs manipulated worse than libor is not an accurate translation. BaFin basically said that there is strong suspicion of manipulation (Which is still very bad)..If the dollar has a catastrophic collapse the world as we know it will be changed forever. I think things like food, medicine, fuel, energy and a way to defend it will be worth a lot more than PMs for a while. At some point after a catastrophic collapse, maybe a few years PMs will be the best thing to have as civilization rebuilds. If the dollar just hyper inflates then PMs are the way to go, no doubt. In either scenario its good to have PMs.

  • Lou

    People keep reporting (even you) that the Pope is asking a redistribution of wealth without reading the transcript of his speech. He was making a point about Zacharias giving money to the poor as the response one has when a person encounters Christ. It is a willingness in response to Jesus’ love that we give to the needy. He never implied that government should take from people. Charity is a response to God’s love.

    • SGT

      I read two articles on this issue in full, and the point I’d like to make is that he’s not suggesting a redistribution of the multi-billionaires and trillionaires wealth, it’s the middle class that’s being targeted worldwide – not the ruling Oligarchy,

      • STEVEN

        The Vatican rules the world,time to get with their program…ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME

      • Ed_B

        Perhaps the Pope views those with vastly excessive wealth as lost causes who are surely bound for Hell, but still has hope for the middle class? As a middle class person, I am happy to contribute to the charities that I think do good work. They are all local and I can see the effect that they have on my community. I strongly believe in a hand up but not in hand outs.

    • Eric

      The richest most powerful corporation on the planet could end world poverty in one stroke overnight and instead their frontman is advocating the redistribution of wealth of everyone else. How ironic. A lot like the reformation. Building huge cathedrals and trafficking children.

      • Ed_B

        Jesus himself once said that “the poor will always be with you”. Yes, we can and should fight poverty with education and opportunity as our weapons of choice… not mere handouts. I am reminded of the saying that, “If you give a man a fish (charity), you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man how to fish (training + opportunity), you feed him for life”.

  • John

    @Lou….How ’bout the Vatican go first and set the example?

    Great interview Sean! Keep ’em coming!

  • Angel

    Chris always brings the discussion down to earth, avoiding hype and over-speculation. He seems to have an accurate handle on what’s coming. Good interview.

    As for the Pope, he certainly doesn’t represent the teachings of Jesus, nor does he care about universal goodwill. He cares not about the poor and the helpless, and he NEVER speaks about the evils of the criminal banksters (the root of ALL evil). The only charity he welcomes is charity that will enrich the Vatican crime family and their cronies.

    Are Catholics going to canonize this imposter along with the others?

  • mike

    Manipulation will not end until tptb are hanging from the street posts,and not a moment before. They are the powers that be. They will find some other way to manipulate things or just make it illegal to own pm’s. Keep stacking!

  • Antony

    Great interview Sean and Chris! You guys are awesome! (And of course Rory and many others that come to this site :)) I remember waking up in 2007…my red pill day :)) when I saw “America: Freedom to Facisim” and then started to listen to Ron Paul. It is like the just know something is not quite right, but it wasn’t until then that things started to make a bit more sense. I am thankful and appreciate you all! I did some stacking and was going along pretty well but then some unfortunate life events turned everything upside down, but I am still here recovering and as always seeking the truth 🙂

    So guys what can I do to get more involved? Maybe something online? I want to make an impact for good and of course I would like to make more money and to have some security for the future. I am not as well learned or as smart as you all and basically I do not have much to start with…FRN’s are! And I want to get out of FRN debt. I have a job and I still live overseas. I do love the truth and I believe in honesty and integrity. I am happy when good people succeed 🙂 I appreciate the information I get from here…but I get the feeling that I just don’t want to stand by…I want to run to the battle 🙂 So I am trying to figure out where to look and what I can do to make an impact for good and still make some money honestly 🙂 Thanks for listening and again I appreciate you all and this great wealth of information :)) God bless you all!!

  • Jay C


    I received a call this morning. This first of its kind ever. It was from a bullion dealer in Austin Texas inquiring about my position on selling some of my metal back to them. I don’t know if this is an indication of the market getting tight or if they are fishing for weak hands. I told them they were crazy thinking anyone would be selling and not buying right now.

    Keep stacking my friend.


    • Ed_B

      No doubt they already know that, JC, but it was good to bring it up. In my local area, the local coin and pawn shop guys are all saying the same thing… this is a BUYERS market and not a sellers market. For every seller that comes into their shops, 6-7 buyers come in. When they get some silver in from a local seller, it is gone in a few hours… snapped up by very willing buyers. The ASEs and US 90% silver coins do best but Maples and bars are not that far behind.

  • Jacobson

    Chris Duane was the one who said that Israel is the “synagouge of satan” ,
    I hope this antisemitic demon now realize that the synagouge of satan is the Vatican and the filthy poop that want to control the world .
    Or maybe the synagouge of satan is the united crap of america that want to control the world with a fake piece of paper and 300 million people that live on junkfood , women that behave like whores and a low frequency in their minds .

    • Silver Shield

      No that was the Book of Revelation that said that…
      Catholics do not claim to be Jews or worship in Synagogues
      Read the two quotes yourself.

      I am not in any way defending the Vatican either. . .

      Just another secretive, hierarchical organization run by power hungry psychopaths spreading lies to the masses to get them to willingly sacrifice their power to those at the top.

      • Jacobson

        The book of “revelation” reveals what ?
        And if someone choose not to believe in it ?

        Catholics , like most christians claim to replace judaism ,
        beacuse jesus was an israeli jew and lived before the establishment of christianity he didn’t know how to call the future religion that called “christianity” and the future house of worship “church” .
        The so called “fake jews” are the christians who deleted 99% of the jewish principles like giving 10% of your income to charity , a day off to all people , animals and plants (jews are not allowed to use electricity,fire or even pick a leaf from a tree),
        the “Shmita” – the seventh year in a seven-year cycle during which land in Israel must lie fallow and debts are canceled or the “Yovel” – an equal distribution of the land to all people every 50 years .
        The people who replaced all of these , and many more , claim to be the people who follow god .
        The people who replaced god into a human being (flesh and blood) are christians .
        The people who destroyed the temple that jesus used to visit are the fathers of those that established the Vatican – the house of the devil , church of satan .
        Generally , the christian european world stole from the world and enslaved people in the last 2000 years .
        The people who chosed the symbol of death to their faith (cross) are christians .
        According to the history , when jesus lived , there were no synagouges at all – there was only temple . Synagouge appeared only after the temple was destroyed and jews wanted a place to pray . So how jesus talked about synagouges ? maybe it is a lie ? maybe it was written by someone with interests ?

        My poing is that if choose not to believe what you believe –
        Why you had to use it against me ?
        Is that the wisdom you found in your holy book ? how to call others satanists ?
        And how jesus knew what will happen 2000 years after ? maybe he just saw the coming fututre and how the romans are going to adopt the monotheism ?
        Isn’t the pope wearing a hat like a “jew” and saying “Amen” ?
        But the pope is wearing red dress , and jews dont wear the red colour which represent the evil , the blood etc – so who is the fake ?

        Chris , I learned alot from you and I really appreciate your work and effort .
        You were one of those that helped me to wake up but I was really disappointed that you decided to take a verse from the book and give it an explaination that creates hate against an ethnic group and a nation .
        You can believe in stones and rocks if you want ,but don’t throw them at me .
        Don’t put yourself in the position of god’s spokesman , like the poop and others do .

  • Interntionalchick

    It’s funny how Jacob is complaing about rocks thrown at him, just like palestines throwing rocks to jews who stole
    Their land from the Balfour deceleration, while jews are killing palestines with rockets, drones and bullets.

  • Luxomni

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

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