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Kleptocracy and Capital Controls

by William Lehr, Survival Blog:

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the psychopathic, controlling oligarchs will go to in order to strengthen their grip on humanity. Control and power are the weapons of these few. While weapons, they will also serve as their demise. You see, we are not boiling frogs, despite all the fluoride and GMOs we are force fed. We, the rational minded, can see through the scam. We are waking up and growing tired of being pushed into the corner. Awareness of the controlling power mechanism is what is driving us for a better tomorrow.

When we first wrote about the IRA LLC on SurvivalBlog, we generated quite a bit of interest from the community. As people discover the ability to take home delivery of IRA gold and silver, it changes the game. Through this process we are encountering skeptics, evangelists, and outright government tyranny.

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