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Kerry Mocks Climate Skeptics: ‘Flat Earth Society’

by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews:

If he and “97 percent” of scientists are wrong on climate change, efforts to mitigate it will at worst have brought millions of jobs, better health and energy security, Secretary of State John Kerry told Boston College graduates Monday.

“But if we do nothing, and it turns out that the critics and the naysayers and the members of the flat earth society – if it turns out that they’re wrong, then we are risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet,” he said.

Delivering the commencement speech at his Chestnut Hill, Mass. alma mater – he graduated from Boston College Law School in 1976 – Kerry characterized climate change as “a test we have to meet.”

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1 comment to Kerry Mocks Climate Skeptics: ‘Flat Earth Society’

  • Ed_B

    Every penny spent tilting at the windmill of global cooling, er, global warming, er, climate change is money that is wasted and not available to work on REAL problems. Kerry’s made up figure of 97% of scientists supporting this hysteria is an absolute fabrication. MANY scientists do not support this theory because FACTS have pretty thoroughly discredited it as a valid scientific theory. How do I know this? Because, unlike Kerry and others of his ilk, I AM a scientist.

    What it REALLY is, of course, is an effort to control people more tightly and extract more money from them. Yes, there are REAL problems out there that need to be addressed but climate change simply isn’t one of them. This is money that should be spent on clean water and clean air projects, more efficient use of energy projects, and finding new ways to do more with less. These are the things that will produce a sustainable economy. Squandering scarce money on non-issues will not do a thing except enhance the political power of the elites pushing this fascist control agenda.

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