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Jim Willie – Swing States & Event Schedule

By: Jim Willie, GoldSeek:

The crucial swing states for deciding the US presidential elections through voting system fraud were Ohio and Florida. Whether by machine software with rigged software programming or by bussing in Somalians or by altering the vote count upon final submission or basic bully tactics to prevent entrance into the voting centers, the US national elections were truly tainted. The commonly followed Exit Polls are proof of vote fraud. The Paradigm Shift was to the fascist state in full blossom. A law was even passed to prevent challenges of the voting machines and software, a certain brand always in the spotlight. Recall that voter system fraud is a key trait of a Third World nation, along with bank fraud, absent rule of law, economic decay, and devotion to war. On the global stage, the swing states are of a different more macro meaning in the shaping of the Paradigm Shift. The shift is toward the East as financial center of gravity, altered by the extraordinary movement of Gold bullion from London and Swiss banking centers. The past two decades have seen the Emerging Markets make their presence known in manufacturing prowess and strong savings, actual leaders in trade. They have supported the Western debt, but have been on a buyer’s strike in the last year or more. The history chapter will not be written for a while. It has related to the forcible removal of London gold and Swiss refinement of Gold bars taken from other accounts, to rectify two decades of seized gold bars from other accounts. The improper usage was done to create the entire fraudulent foundation for the Euro Monetary Union itself. The fraud is unspeakable, and might account for over 40,000 tons of misused (stolen) gold bars. Apart from the methods and movements and routes followed, another important chess game is coming into view, the moves and routes of extreme importance. Certain states figure prominently.

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