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Jim Rickards: Why The IMF Aims To Be The Central Bank of the World

[Ed. Note: It’s no secret how we feel about Jim Rickards at SGT Report – He’s a Pentagon-CIA-establishment insider. So his propaganda about “Bin Laden-terrorist associate insider trading on 9/11” gets no free plays here. The question is, as noted below, with insider trading in Malaysian airlines PRIOR to the plane “vanishing”, we wonder — was the CIA also involved in THIS tragedy?]

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Forget the Commission of Audit report, Australian stocks hit a six year high this week. But what is that telling us? As always, it depends on who you ask. Market veteran Phil Anderson gives you his take below. But to begin today’s Daily Reckoning,we start with a small homage to the power of the stock chart in the first place.

If you a happened to catch the March 22nd edition of the DR, you’ll know our colleague Phil brought an experienced and sceptical eye to the look of Malaysian Airline System before Flight 370 went missing. The stock broke lower before the plane disappeared. Phil’s reasoning: the market knew something was going to happen.

Phil had seen that before: airline stocks that started going lower for no reason before the 9/11 terror attacks. Phil came to the same conclusion in 2001 as he did in 2014 based on the charts alone. Maybe this explains one of his trading rules: don’t buy anything that has to defy gravity. We bring it up because we now have confirmation that Phil was right in 2001, at least. Jim Rickards new book, The Death of Money, doesn’t leave any doubt about that.

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