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James Hirsen – To Chip or Not To Chip, That Is The Question


Noted Columnist and Author James Hirsen was on the show talking about the future of mandatory microchipping. While there are people now voluntarily having chips injected into their bodies in an effort to control all sorts of devices, James sees an alarming trend ahead. How long before the people who brought you massive NSA data collection decide that it’s in everyone’s interest to be chipped and make it mandatory? It’s just another case of the technology advancing way ahead of morality. Will Americans finally say enough?

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3 comments to James Hirsen – To Chip or Not To Chip, That Is The Question

  • Ed_B

    “James Hirsen – To Chip or Not To Chip, That Is The Question”

    Question? You call that a question? It is idiocy of the 1st order. Reject it, absolutely, and do not settle for ANY sort of compromise because this is evil and there can be NO compromise of ANY kind with evil. If people compromise with evil, they are only dickering over the time allotted to them before going to Hell… and not WHETHER or not they are going to Hell. They have already given in to that eventuality.

  • mangrove

    The Most Disturbing Commercial OF ALL TIME!! Rogers Next Mind Control

  • solar toad

    Have Americans had enough? No. Since 9/11 have Americans done anything to thwart the Corporate-State Government? No. When the NSA/Snowden/Greenwald thing happened I told everyone that it would go nowhere, especially since it was obviously some kind of operation. Anything that is saturated all over the MSM is there by design and heavily controlled. Since it all began we find out Greenwald is in tight with the NSA-Friendly Pirerre Odiymar; Snowden is apparently talking about a “deal” with the U.S.; most the Snowden files have never been published, etc. I said “ACLU will get involved” to make people think something is being done, but they will lose their case….AND THEY DID. It was merely a gatekeeping showcase for ACLU.

    ALWAYS worry when ACLU gets involved. They are there to gate keep…nothing more.

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