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Is Hillary Clinton Terminally Ill … & Out of the 2016 Race For the White House?

from shakaama:

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11 comments to Is Hillary Clinton Terminally Ill … & Out of the 2016 Race For the White House?

  • Hoser

    I hope this “Bitch” dies a Horrible Death!!! Or maybe, she’s just that damn UGLY???

  • Fred Hayek

    Maybe this is just her way to try to get out of culpability for the State Department “losing track of” $6 billion.

  • Hannon

    Is it me, or do people drenched in evil not age well? She looks like the king of Rohan before Gandalf broke the spell on him.

  • tomche

    Brain Cancer? Couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul. Oops. Forgot, she sold that to Satan long ago.
    Hilary, we hope you enjoy fully all that’s coming to you in the after life when you will atone for all your sins here on earth, you pathetic excuse for a human.
    (Check out “The Clinton Chronicles” on youtube. It will blow your mind…and show just how EVIL this fat cow and her twisted, sick liar-of-a-husband are!!)
    Remember these Gems?:
    “I smoked but I didn’t inhale”…HAHAHAHA
    “I did not have sex with that woman!!”…Bwwahahahahaaaaa
    “It depends on what the definition of “is” is….What the…!!! Hahahahahaaaaa
    Pathetic and disgusting, really.

  • Captison

    Hmmm… Could this be a ploy to get more sympathy when she later “overcomes” her cancer and comes roaring back into the race? Will we have extensive media coverage of her “battle” with cancer over the next year or so? Will Obamacare save her? Will being a woman AND a cancer survivor win her more low-information votes?

    I could ask these questions regardless of whether or not she really has cancer since we know there are cures. I know these questions may sound offensive if she really does have cancer, but people like her really are capable of anything.

    • mangrove

      Thanks for the questions — all quite legit. In my now fully-saturated cynical view of the world and how the sheeple are being managed, I think you’re on to something extremely likely. Hopefully, more people are waking up and will realize what this “lady” really is and who she really represents. Even my non-religious friends are beginning to understand that the manifestation of evil is real. She’s a pretty darn good example of it too.

  • Barry C. McLawhorn

    Die you evil bi tc_h die – die – die – die!

  • Barry C. McLawhorn

    No wonder Bill had affairs.

  • Must have been Hitler

    Must have been Hitler after he missed that shoe thrown at her. Instead, he plagued her with cancer lol:

  • Sam

    She’s lusting politics as if she has assumed some fascist royalty blood lines of the NWO…the crazy wife of an impeached president acting as if only she can lead the country…who is it exactly that follows and supports her psycho tripping evil demented power thirsty ass anyway? I mean really? ” we came we saw he died ” ” what difference does it make!?” ” dodged sniper bullets right off the plane” ” it was a right wing conspiracy to blame” … There are many more to be sure but, seriously, beyond those who she can do their bidding for, who is seriously considering her for even cancer treatment let alone for the highest office where she ought to be tried for war crimes and given prison treatment care for her alleged cancer waiting trial!

  • steelerdude

    Probably from eating all that GMO food…man, there are so many old chicks running this country, polesi, boxer, feinstein, hillary…they all have something wrong with
    their brain!

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