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India’s ‘War On Gold’ Ends

from Provident Metals:

The world’s second most populous country has been making headlines in a big way the last couple of weeks.

For starters, India just concluded an historic election season earlier this month. With a population of over 1.2 billion people—almost a fifth of the world’s population—and a voter turnout of an estimated 553.8 million people, India’s 2014 election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the biggest exercise in democracy ever.

Modi, who is affiliated with the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), ran for office on a platform of economic development. In fact, even before news of his landslide win reached some remote corners of the large nation, BJP officials promised to invest in enough clean energy sources like solar and wind power to make sure every Indian household has at least one light bulb by 2019—a daunting goal for a country where some 400 million of its residents still lack basic electricity.

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1 comment to India’s ‘War On Gold’ Ends

  • NaySayer

    I think that the NWO eite are putting pressure on Modi to get in line with what they want. Descendents of Ghandi while in power were often ready to sell out to the nwo elite (sad, isn’t it?). But Modi ran on free trade on gold & silver and getting improvements in electrical services to the masses.

    tonight on the PBS newshour, there was a nasty story about how two young Indian lower caste girls were gang raped, murdered and their bodies left to hang from a tree naked and in full view. when the father of one of the girls went to the police, they refused to even register that a complaint about it had been made. Activists state that this is routinely done to make sure that the lower caste people know that they have no power and can be subject to any type of horrific violence and abuse that the upper caste want to hand out.

    Reports were that two cops were there too & seen raping the girs, taking their turns. When reporters covered the protests that resulted, the local politicians and cops mocked them asking what business of the reporters was it if they raped and murdered lower caste women? Two cops have subsequenty been reportedly fired over the incident (not prosecuted, just fired from the force) due to international outrage and condemnation of this crime.

    Now, this kind of thing happens in India all too often but we never really heard about it before. NWO mainstream media outlets don’t cover nasty stories about countries where the politicans comply with their orders. If Modi keeps his electrion promises to free up trade in precious medals, just wait and see how the news will be skewed against him. I’m not saying there isn’t horrific gender and class based violence in India under all leaders, but we are only going to hear about it if he doesn’t bow down to those would be his overlords.

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