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Humanity Has Outlived Its Usefulness: GAME OVER!

Hawking is concerned that humanity is on a one trip journey to ultimate destruction because we are no longer needed.

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

How is that Kool-Aid tasting? Congratulations America, you have twice elected an avowed communist who believes in eugenics and is totally committed to the takedown of this country as well as the destruction of 90% of all living people on the planet. But this is part of the plan. According to famed astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking, a sinister threat is brewing deep inside the technology laboratories of Silicon Valley.Artificial Intelligence, disguised as helpful digital assistants and self-driving vehicles, is gaining a foothold and it will one day spell the end for mankind. Hawking warns that humanity faces a bleak future as the new robotic technology learns to think for itself and adapt to its environment. Soon, the globalists will have no need for humanity.

A few of us, who are enlightened enough to plan beyond next Friday, are wondering how could America re-elect a hedonistic degenerate such as Obama, or Pelosi, or Reid or 90% of the people we keep sending back to Congress? The plain and simple truth is that we re-elected these degenerates because the people in our nation suffer from abject stupidity. And these “leaders” are even dumber than the people who elected them because they vote for their own demise each and every day (e.g. non-labeling of GMO’s, sanctioning of chemtrails, etc.).

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4 comments to Humanity Has Outlived Its Usefulness: GAME OVER!

  • Eric

    “90% of humanity is dumber than a box of rocks.”


  • simpel

    Have faith in the human spirit and your deeper connection to God.

    Human beings were created and designed to serve the human spirit (it cannot be corrupted by anything) which is their deeper connection to GOD. Combine this two together it will become more powerful than any advanced technology you can ever imagine. That is why we are being deliberately dumbed down on purpose by corrupt religion, science, education, the media, food etc.

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  • scott

    I agree, we are just one of thousands of many life forms just chasing our asses. We’re not all that special. Two humans fucking wildly in the back seat of a 57 Chevy doped up and intoxicated, and nine months later there you are. Not all that special really. Like George Carlin said….the earth needed plastic, and now has it, so we’re done.

  • Eric B

    You make the statement ” we keep sending back to Congress ” I can tell you right here and now, I didn’t vote for any of those socialist assholes. I am of the mindset that all elections are rigged and as long as the Sheeple accept them it will continue. I’m not a Sheeple!

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