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Help Needed To Combat So Called Academic ‘Research’ About Guns

from Ammo Land:

I’ve known John Lott for 30 years. He’s the author of the authoritative book More Guns; Less Crime, wherein he proves that crime is reduced in states that enact “shall-issue” concealed carry laws. John deserves whatever support you can afford. Here’s the pitch: Gun Grabbers Paying for Fake “Public Health” Studies to Justify Banning Guns in an All-Out Info War

The courts have delivered a series of defeats to the gun control movement in recent years causing gun control lawyers to cry out for evidence that gun control works and needs to happen in the U.S. Hearing their cries, Bloomberg, Soros and Obama have recently invested HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, paying academic scholars in major universities to produce fake academic studies that will “prove” we need gun control.

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1 comment to Help Needed To Combat So Called Academic ‘Research’ About Guns

  • Ed_B

    There is absolutely ZERO legitimate proof that gun control reduces crime. The cities in which draconian gun control laws already exists are, in fact, the least safe places to live. These include places like Chicago, Detroit, Newark, New York, and Washington DC. IMO, the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is clear: citizens DO have the right to own guns AND be armed with them in public places. This is the essence of “keep and bear arms”. It has nothing to do with hunting, target shooting, gun collecting, or any other red herring argument that is presented as a reason for why gun control is not only necessary but a good idea. Guns in the hands of US citizens is ALL about free men and women being able to defend their lives against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Yes, that includes their own government too. Throughout history, free men have ALWAYS been armed men. Slaves, on the other hand, are never armed except under very tightly controlled circumstances, such as the arena in ancient Rome.

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