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Hell Is Real, If You Can Believe It

by Julian Wash,

Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can manifest thoughts and ideas into reality. We are able to sculpt our world much in the way an artist is free to sweep a brush across a canvas, extolling the essence of creation. But there are those who will guide our hand into painting by the number. And so we surrender our creativity to an invisible force that seems to follow an edict of conformity. Before you know it, the artist is painted into a corner.

Despite our powers of imagination and creativity, we choose to yield a good deal of our Divine authority to a lifeless entity called social order. It’s within the walls of this construct that we are bound. We are told who and what we are and given permission to proceed, so long as we keep our “brush” within the lines and boundaries. It’s a troublesome child indeed who chooses to color outside the box. They are labeled, among other things, a rebel or non-conformist.

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