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Greenwald Slams ‘Neutered And Impotent And Obsolete’ Media

by Steve Watson, InfoWars:

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, famed for his association with Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, has verbally attacked the mainstream media as “old style pro-government” lapdogs.

Appearing on the left-leaning radio and TV program “Democracy Now”, Greenwald took aim in particular at The Washington Post, with whom he has struggled to work on the NSA revelations for some time. “The editors at The Washington Post are very much old-style, old-media, pro-government journalists,” Greenwald said, bashing the establishment media, adding that it’s reporters are “the kind who have essentially made journalism in the U.S. neutered and impotent and obsolete.”

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2 comments to Greenwald Slams ‘Neutered And Impotent And Obsolete’ Media

  • Jeff

    “neutered and impotent and obsolete” lol. It takes the whole 6 minutes to heat that line but it’s a doozy. I wish the camera shot was on Goodwin’s face when he said that. She’s looking crusty old now too. I haven’t watched that trash in years.

  • mangrove

    How perfect to help launch Greenwald’s new media venture, funded by elitist Pierre Omidyar. Democracy Now + Greenwald = Some Serious (Gatekeeping) Shit.

    Oh, and look, they’ve got Matt Taibbi on board too. Oh brother, 9/11 deniers, the lot of them. (Warning: Have barf bag ready.)

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