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Gluten, aspartame and canola oil – an American ‘recipe’ for health disaster

by S. D. Wells, Natural News:

God bless America and your right to choose between healthy living and slow death by chemical consumption, if only you knew how. Where are the warnings about canola oil choking your cells and fueling cancer? Where are the hazardous waste signs on the product labels that contain aspartame, letting consumers know that it is the feces of GM E. coli? Who really knows that more than 95% of gluten contains pesticide that sticks to your insides for weeks and even months, trapping bacteria and food toxins, and adding to health chaos, including heart attack risk? You mean you didn’t read about that or see a billboard? Did Dr. Oz cover it last month? What about The Doctors?

Now how about that diet soda and that “unbleached” wheat flour sandwich bread or bun? How about that prepared food bar salad, like chicken, tuna, egg or potato — which will be your poison today?

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2 comments to Gluten, aspartame and canola oil – an American ‘recipe’ for health disaster

  • Ed_B

    In spite of all this whining, people ARE living longer and better lives all the time. When I was a kid in the 1950s, a person in their 60s was OLD and could only move with painful difficulty… if they were alive, that is. These days, people in their 60s are joining bowling and softball leagues, hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. Many of them are living into their late 80s and even mid-90s. Most of them are eating whatever their grocery stores sell and not expensive organic produce, meats, and breads. The proof of the pudding really does seem to be in the eating.

    • Dr. NonSense

      Ed, I mean no disrespect but you couldn’t be farther from being right. Just because people at one point in time were less abled than the people of today, solely in your opinion, doesn’t mean that their diets play no role in their health. Could it not be for all the other life changing innovations that people are living longer with less pain? Such black and white statements are dangerous.

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