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Global COLLAPSE Occurring Right Now! Here’s Why.

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to Global COLLAPSE Occurring Right Now! Here’s Why.

  • Anon

    Look, our current system of raping the Earth of her resources, and then filling the landfills with junk and refuse simply is UNSUSTAINABLE. THAT, is the ONLY part, that all the UNPRODUCTIVE (unsustainable) talking heads in the government, and in the media in their nice suits and ties, receiving their fat paychecks have right. It’s the FASCIST (Corporatist) 1%, their corporations, and their bought-and-paid-for Con-gress and media, that is the problem. People, if things are going to change – that change MUST come from the bottom up – from the grassroots level – don’t expect it to come from the District of Criminals, or Wall St. (Banks). You already know what kind of “change” you can expect from them. More SOCIALISM, more bailouts, more QE – more “national debt”, more regulation, more economic enslavement.

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