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Fistbumps: cool & sanitary, Handshakes: uncool & dirty

from AdamKokesh:

Health care professionals “fistbump” the spreading of germs away and attempt to label handshakes as “socially taboo.”

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3 comments to Fistbumps: cool & sanitary, Handshakes: uncool & dirty

  • Angel

    During a high school English course, I was taught the proper and traditional way to shake a person’s hand. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but it stuck with me for decades, and has proven to valuable.

    Unlike the very impersonal fist bump, there’s something about the good old-fashioned handshake that’s likely indicative of where you stand with a person, especially in so far as honesty is concerned.

    It’s also likely indicative of a person’s level of confidence, something which could negatively-impact a business deal or a relationship of another sort.

    Unfortunately, the younger generation is becoming less familiar with the standard handshake, let alone the proper (traditional) manner in which to shake a person’s hand. And like in so many other ways, dehumanization has progressively taken over.

  • Scott

    Sounds well and good but if you knew how many fucking guys after shaking the last few drops of piss off the head of their dicks walk straight out of the men’s room without washing their hands it would disgust you! 50% of them walk straight out after taking a shit!

    Shaking hands is fucking gross. Let’s get over it.

    • Angel

      A HEALTHY body need not be overly hung-up on germs, but then again, that’s why there’s such a thing as hand sanitizer. I admit that I have access to it at most times, although I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy to use it regularly.

      Men and woman have been shaking hands for thousands of years. It’s likely a reasonable assumption that catastrophic illness hasn’t resulted from this practice.

      Then there’s the issue of sex, even the common kiss, which seems not to raise any eyebrows. Yet a handshake is suddenly a big deal? Let’s get over it.

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