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FBI Plans to Charge Bundy Ranch Protesters with Weapons Violations

from Mark Dice:

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7 comments to FBI Plans to Charge Bundy Ranch Protesters with Weapons Violations

  • dan

    Just proves you can’t stand for freedom and liberty and win against tyranny…unless you actually do win….imho

  • Ray

    I’m quite sure the Armed Militia present at the Bundy ranch standoff are aware that the Tyrannicals will try to identify Armed Militia members, and they will be taking steps to avoid arrest. Don’t point guns at people if you don’t want guns pointed back at you.
    They are no longer law enforcement. They are nothing more than armed thugs with a badge and I therefore consider them NULL and VOID……………

    • Dave ODell

      Well there Ray, you just go ahead and continue to consider the FBI “null and void”, while your dumbfuck vigilantes are arrested and put in federal lockup for a few years.

  • CalSailX

    As if elements of the FBI haven’t already declared themselves above the Rule of Law by killing unarmed folks under their control.

    Be glad that when miscreants pointed weapons at men and women at the Bundy Ranch, that someone didn’t take it as a threat to the peace, and killing as many of said miscreants as possible! They were KEEPING THE PEACE!

    I’m for peace among all men, and seeing the common law applied to even to those that think for even a moment they are above it by way of office or contract. To those not a party to a fraudulent contract… well welcome to our side of the street! Ouch… Contract Law… well some folk had best try to dodge that bullet.

    Let us really turn up the pain… under what authority was any action taken… was it “lawful”. Where all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed… or did they just expect to blow it threw without question as per usual.

    When you can beat them to death with the law, do so as they also HAVE to follow it!

    I’m just a cranky old man… but I love to see a worm squirm when the shield he uses to hide becomes a weapon against him. Make them prove every element of any accusation letting them dig their own hole. When dealing with criminals up and down the system be sure to give them the rope to hang themselves!

  • CalSailX

    What I’d really like to know is “who wants the FBI to jump the shark?”. I can’t be the only one that is curious as to why they should get to play kamikaze pilots in this debacle.

    Hell didn’t they have a Reid investigation that was killed by the DOJ?

  • Sam

    This move is rich, really rich and a classic example of corrupt predictability.

    One branch of the rotting TREE who struck out miserably have now sent in another batter to the plate.

    Ya, who pray tell, beyond the shills of oppression and the brain dead cannot see this for what it really is!?

    Is anyone holding their breath for Harry and gang to be visited over their multiple illegalities!? Ha!

    Wonder what rotting TREE branch will Harry’s gang send out to the plate next mmmmm?

  • Joshua

    Has Harry called in the FDA on food violations with the various BBQ’s that Bundy et al enjoyed?

    What about the Parking Police? I’m sure there were parking violations given all of the vehicles of the concerned…

    Were the EPA gang alerted? Betcha there were many air pollutant violators that didn’t meet their carbon credit scheme payments for the global warming scam…

    How about tickets for illegal camping? That move could involve another slaughter shoot out ala the defenseless homeless victim of New Mexico…

    The list of tyrannical madmen and their moves are near endless, which is why good citizens must remain vigilant and firmly raise their middle fingers to tyrants wherever they raise their Fugly heads.

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