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Fascism at the FED and the NY Federal District Court? I’m Shocked, Shocked . . .

by California Lawyer, TF Metals Report:

Recently, Judge Ronnie Abrams (a female), issued a ruling dismissing the whistleblower case that former Goldman Sachs bank examiner Carmen M. Segarra filed against the venerable Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  The case is found on Pacer, Case Number 1:13-cv-07173-RA, captioned Carmen M. Segarra vs. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, et al.  Mr. TF asked me to weigh in on it, which I am most happy to oblige, because I am part of his cult . . .

Running a quick google search reveals the top story on it is, naturally, from the traditional media, here:

Basically, Ms. Segarra claimed she was fired for whistleblowing, that is, for reporting bad behavior by her employer, which in this case, happened to be the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  She wanted reinstatement, some money, and for her attorney’s fees to be paid by the defendants.  She also asked for punitive damages.  She filed suit in the den of thieves, the US Federal District Court for the Southern District of NY.  


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