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Exclusive: Veteran Blows The Whistle On Veterans Administration

from Western Journalism:

Veterans Administration “death panels” have been in the news lately, first being discovered in Phoenix, now day by day being revealed across the nation.

I have been inside the Veterans Administration healthcare system for over a decade, and one phrase comes to mind: a “house of horrors.” Aside from casting aside old and infirm veterans too expensive to treat—the so-called “death panels”—going to a Veterans Hospital is always a nightmare: most of the staff treat us like second-class citizens. Veterans are placed in wheelchairs and gurneys and forgotten about. A wait to see a doctor is literally an all-day activity. You get there early in the morning, and you’re not done until five or six in the evening.

I once spent six hours in the emergency room with a gash in my arm inches from an artery. After six hours of bleeding on the floor and going in and out of consciousness, I was finally seen—not by a doctor, but by a very green medical student, who barely knew how to stitch up the wound. His incompetence later led to infection and a pronounced scar.

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