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Elliot Rodger: Illuminati MK-ULTRA Mind Control Conspiracy?

from Mark Dice:

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15 comments to Elliot Rodger: Illuminati MK-ULTRA Mind Control Conspiracy?

  • jonathan

    I know Mark Dice is full of shit but I could not believe he had the audacity to claim that people who question Sandy Hook are as crazy as Elliot Rodger

    • SGT

      He gets a lot right, and he gets some things wrong. We try to be choosy about what we post from Mark Dice. In this particular case, we continue to be troubled about the multiple eye witness accounts of TWO shooters in the BMW… accounts which have never been explored by the media (I’m talking to you CNN and Anderson Cooper).

      • mangrove

        He gets a lot right, and he gets some things wrong. Arguably on purpose.

        And I don’t think the truth he offers can’t be found from other more trustworthy sources, hence my aversion to anything Mark Dice (and Alex Jones, for that matter).

        Mark Dice: Your Disinfo Agent – Mark Dice Exposed and Roasted (Part 1)

        Mark Dice: Your Disinfo Agent (Part 2) Mark Dice Exposed and Roasted!

      • jonathan

        Oh SGT I like when you post stuff I can rip on as much as when you post stuff I am informed by or agree with. Either one is good for me I don’t judge you for posting it.

        • MickeyMoist

          Be careful Jonathan, or SGT will censor you like he does me.

          • jonathan

            SGT has never censored me and I’ve written some highly emotional ignorant comments I’ve even attacked the interviews he has done and he’s never censored me. Sometimes I have to reload the page and repost my comment because the Captcha doesn’t work but I’ve never been censored.

          • jonathan

            Hey Mickey I read a comment where you said without electricity you have no clean water are you serious I have iodine in my house right now I can disinfect water with I have hydrogen peroxide which in small doses is fully safe. Oh and I forgot there are these things called trees outside my door and when I burn the fibre of these trees I can boil water killing bacteria

  • Abby

    Send this lot back to Mengele and Anton Le Vay. As for very spoilt little Hollywood American brats with their paper back copy of Alester Crowley who think murder is a fun game or an “artistic”expression and the US population in general who has NO idea … why don’t you buy all these pricks a one way ticket to Ukraine, Syria, Libya, the Congo, Iran and Afghanistan? How about they get real down and dirty? Like in the real world? Good vid worth sharing… maybe TOO REAL FOR SOME! Does not go very well with popcorn on the couch!

    • Abby

      Sorry gotta share this story. Have a twit of a Nephew who lives in Vancouver. Well when he was about 22 his mother sent him back to South Africa because basically he was off the rails. He had Satanic tatoos on his arms, he did not believe in God and he boasted about hanging out with bikers and beating people’s heads in with helmets. It was 1993 in South Africa. The years of the most violence before Mandela became President. We sent him down to Grandma who lived out in the middle of nowhere in Zululand. At that time the ANC and the IFP were killing each other. Two factions in the Zulu Kingdom.Black on black violence. Hacking each other to death with pangas and burning each other alive. Grandma got a phone call from a very old black lady who had worked for the family for years. The word was out, violence was about to erupt in her village and would Grandma please come and fetch her. Grandma all of 83 years old took PUNK stupid Nephew with his paper back copy of Alister Crowely and got into the station wagon with her double barrel shotgun, told punk idiot to drive. He shat himself. All the way through those rolling hills of Zululand people were running in the opposite direction with everything they owned piled on their heads. Here was 83 year old white Grandma with a shotgun on her lap and a two bit Satanist with dirty underpants driving in the opposite direction. They finally got to Pauline’s house. Grandma took her time. They sat and had tea. Manners you know. A guest must be treated properly. Eventually Grandma (white 83) and Pauline (black 79) packed the station wagon and headed on back. Punk nephew Satanist kinda went back to Vancouver a different person after that. So you know what? Send this trash to the Congo, one way ticket and no more than $1,000 in their pocket. Let’s see how they do shall we?

      • jonathan

        Yeah I used to work for a guy in Vancouver who said in the early nineties he and his buddies used to go downtown Vancouver and beat up gay people for fun there was and are still a lot of evil people in Vancouver. What pisses me off is society went through this before two thousand years ago and the people united against the Roman Empire but we’ve ignored history and let a New Global Empire rise and so a Great Awakening is required once again.

  • mangrove

    And, of course it’s not just Mark Dice who peddles inanity. Here’s a portion of a discussion that RedPillRevolution, FreeRadioRevolution, etc. had the other night about Stefan Molyneux. I’m posting this here because Molyneux’s “The Truth About Elliot Rodger” video that was posted here at SGT is somewhere down the back pages by now. Classic disinformation — he takes the official story and does his little intellectual, philosophical spin on it, talking about SSRI’s and such, thereby propping up the idea that this Santa Barbara shooting really happened just like the MSM stated. Oh good grief. I’ve had it with these clowns. I don’t care if they DO have 90% truth or good ideas or important philosophical breakthroughs…. there’s just way too much BULLSHIT mixed in, and it’s muddying the waters big time. Fortunately, with hoaxes and false flags like Sandy Hook, Boston Smoke Bomb, etc. ad nauseum, we can sort out just who the fakes are. Yes, I use the 9/11 litmus test, but there it is — and I’m proud to be able to break free of the lies. Oh, and that goes for Jesse “Sandy Hook Really Happened” Ventura as well. /rant

    The Truth About Stefan Molyneux – Sellout Gatekeeper Pushing MSM BULLSHIT!

    • jonathan

      I’m with you on Molyneaux I don’t really see what he offers to the world except for spin. Jesse has done a hell of a lot for us if he had kept his mouth shut and played ball he would have made tens of millions a year. I put up with Alex Jones because he is so entertaining and has exposed a lot but Molyneaux and Dice don’t expose anything they only offer bullshit opinion

  • jonathan

    I watched that video you linked to they were accurate about Molyneaux but then they started claiming “Alex Jones is guy who reads the Mainstream Press believes everything he reads then goes and repeats it to his listeners.” Are these clowns fucking retarded Infowars completely blew up one of the most important False Flags that has happened yet “the Boston Bombing” I have sat their watching as Alex reads off Mainstream Media headlines and calls each one “Bullshit” what the fuck are these guys talking about?

  • I don’t know for sure, I don’t know him, but I think Mark was just being sarcastic and that’s why he brought up the Sandy Hook Hoax. It was all BS and I’m pretty sure he knows it.

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