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Do You Oppose Gun Control? Eric Holder Knows That You are a Secret Racist

by Kimberly Paxton, The Daily Sheeple:

If you oppose gun control, you aren’t fooling Attorney General Eric Holder one little bit. You are clearly a racist, and he knows it.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who has suggested that critics of the Obama administration are motivated by race and referred to America as a “nation of cowards“ on race issues while blasting Americans who resist more gun control laws, suggested that those opposed to President Barack Obama’s policy agenda of “fundamental transformation” are quietly prejudiced.

In his Saturday commencement address at Morgan State University, a historically black university in Maryland, Holder said that even though there are no more “separate but equal” laws on the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the “vestiges of state-sanctioned discrimination continue to reverberate across the country even today.”

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2 comments to Do You Oppose Gun Control? Eric Holder Knows That You are a Secret Racist

  • Fred Hayek

    Eric “Place” Holder is corrupt and not very knowledgeable. If he was he’d realize that some of the first attempts at gun control in the U.S. were in the Jim Crow south were whites wanted to keep blacks from owning guns. Holder’s so crooked he has to use a corkscrew to get into his pants.

  • dave

    like the pic of holder, the dude is pointing, seems he don’t realize he has 3 fingers pointing back at him, by 3 fingers, the dude is the bigger racist,

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