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Dissecting Silver LIES — David Morgan

Physical silver demand was UP big in 2013. Ironically, physical silver production in Canada has dropped significantly in 2014.

Meanwhile, long time precious metals uber villain Jeffrey Christian is out with the 2014 CPM Group Silver Yearbook [priced at $150!!] which once again distorts the FACTS in service of the longtime Bankster narrative that silver in PHYSICAL form is abundant, easy to mine and of little real value. David Morgan from joins us to dissect the SILVER LIES.

UPDATE: David Morgan was contacted by Jeffrey Christian and he wants to share the following with SGT Report readers:

Dear SGT Report viewers, I, David Morgan received a phone call from Jeff Christian managing partner of CPM Group on May 14, 2015 regarding my recent statement on SGT report. Jeff informed me that CPM has always stated coin fabrication as Investment Demand. The article that I based my comments upon was cited to CPM Group to clarify that my statement was not merely off the cuff. Also, I’d like to share this info which will be going out to our free list…

This is where we usually answer a question from one of our readers… Q: David, What are your thoughts on the fact the silver fix will end in mid August?

Comment- I will reserve full comment for now, but let me link two views for you to read and ponder.
The first is from Zero Hedge: The End (of the Silver Fix) Is Nigh

The author Keith Weiner suggests the spreads will widen, and I think this is most likely the case, but again let me watch the market and see what develops.

As far as the silver market being “freed” this it not how I see it because so much activity in silver (gold too) is done in the unregulated OTC (Over the Counter Market) and primarily with the bulk of the silver market being produced by those that really care very little about silver. That is those polymetalic producers that produce 70% of the silver supply and care about the price of lead, zinc, or copper, but silver means nothing more than a credit to their mining costs. They are happy to deal with those producing derivatives and thus the price is privately determined, not determined in the open market.

Here is a video of Jeff Christian on the topic: Silver Fix Gone, Is Gold Next? – Jeff Christian

Is a computerized fix coming as Jeff suggests? Time will tell.

SGT report –Thank you for providing this memo to your readers/viewers.

David Morgan

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43 comments to Dissecting Silver LIES — David Morgan

  • Abby

    Great Interview. My take on Putin. In time I might be proved wrong, but this is how I see it. (Sorry turned out longer than I intended)

    Firstly from an historical perspective:

    I am looking at 1,000 years of history. One of the main motivations behind many of these European wars, Napoleon, WW1, WW2, has been to destroy Orthodox Eastern Christianity. Nothing has changed. And the Vatican supported Hitler. Eastern Europe was raped of it’s wealth and the people who suffered the most besides the Jews, were the over 20 million Protestants and Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe. Take Poland for example. Before WW2, the majority were Protestants, after WW2 the majority were and still are Roman Catholic. Ask yourself, where did all the Protestants go?

    Croatia is another case in point. The Vatican and the Jesuits massacred Orthodox Christians in this country during WW2, they even boasted that their “kill rate”was higher than the German Nazis.

    In this the Zionist Bankers and the Vatican Nazis have a mutual vested interest. It was the Bolshevik Zionists that brought atheism and communism to Russia which eliminated the Orthodox Church for almost a century. A situation that caused a lot of suffering among the Russian people.

    Putin like all leaders will come and go, however the outcome of this situation will have repercussions for the next century and centuries to follow. Brezinski and his grand Chessboard, comes from Ukraine, he is a Jesuit. His family were part of the European Black Nobility . His motivations were not founded in merely overthrowing the Soviet union which no longer exists, his motivations lie in a 1,000 year tradition of Inquisition in the name of Rome. Even in Odessa on May 2, the favoured means of torture was death by fire, as it has been for all these centuries starting with burning “heretics” at the stake, those who did not bow down to the Pope and the Vatican and see them as the supreme authority. The destruction of the South of France, the Languedoc in the 12th century is a case in point and has been used as a blue print over and over again. One major ingredient is the use of mercenaries that go in and create total mayhem, murder and destruction. Beziers has been re created over and over again throughout history.

    As it was with the Crucader sacking of Constantinople, we saw the same game plan in Libya, we saw it in Syria, we saw it in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. In all these “Arab Springs”and revolutions, ancient Christian societies are targeted, Orthodox Christian societies. Morsi even wanted to start a war with Ethiopia, 80% Orthodox Christian, no doubt they would be massacred and their churches destroyed. And now the Takfiris who crucified Christians in Syria have been sent to Ukraine to join the Nazis and we will see it again.So we have Roman Catholic extremist Right Wing groups including CIA blackwater types in Kiev, extremist Muslim Takfiri groups in Kiev and a Mosaad Zionist agent in Yets!

    This only confirms my theory. All three are joined at the hip. And have been for centuries. In Judaism we have the descedents of Joseph being Ephraim blessed as the firstborn and Yeshua ben Joseph his grandson who established the Promised Land versus the tribe of David and Judah who stand for Monarchy and Temple. In Christianity we have the earliest Christians in the Orthodox Armenian Churches versus Rome and in Islam we have the Shiites descended from Mohammed (peace be upon him) and peaceful Muslims versus the extremist Jihad types as in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfiris. In Ukraine today all these ingredients are there.

    Secondly Putin in particular:

    He does not act alone, and anyone who thinks that he does , does not understand Russian politics. He is and always has been a team player and makes decisions within the system and within his party and with the approval of his party.

    I found the May 9th celebrations interesting to watch, although he was the spokesman, it was never about him it was always about the armed forces and the Veterans. They got the glory. Other world leaders would have used this opportunity for a personal public relations exercise.

    He is also a lawyer and if you notice, every decision he makes is not only totally within Russian law, but is in accordance with International Law. In fact he has often stressed this point. That countries around the world need to abide by International Law in order to eliminate chaos and not act outside of the law. This is his compass.

    He is also, unlike many other world leaders who are more interested in lining their own pockets to the detriment of their own nations, deeply and totally loyal and faithful to Russia and to the Russian people. Since the crash of 1999 he has certainly pulled Russia out a a quagmire of economic destruction. I read somewhere that he told the Oligarchs that he would leave them alone on two conditions. 1. They do not interfere in politics. 2. They pay their taxes. Try getting those two simple requests passed in the EU, UK or USA with all their tax evasions and political buyouts.

    Lastly he is very devoted to the Orthodox Church. He sees a direct correlation between his political policies and his religious framework. Russia is a federation and so is the Orthodox Church. They function along similar lines. Leaders are “First among equals,” and so he regards himself as President. And as the different Bishops have autonomy over their regions, so do the different parts of Russia in their federation.

    I might be wrong, but so far from what I see, he is not part of the Hegelian Dialect.He cuts deals, but those deals are within the law and not detrimental to Russia. However, only time will tell how it all pans out.

    • SGT

      WOW – epic post, thanks a million Abby.

    • Johnny Fever

      Hmmm .. Brother Nathaniel had the same kinda opinion

    • Jacobson

      Abby ,
      President Muhammad Morsi wanted to start a war with Ethiopia not beacuse they are christian but beacuse of WATER !
      Take a look :

      All I see is big desert and some water in the middle .
      Ethiopia gets alot of rain and in Eygpt there’s no forecast .

      Bob marley said “when the cats away , the mice will play”
      I say “when the mices away , the cats will slay”
      Good luck !

      • Abby

        Don’t fool yourself. “Water” is an excuse. And excuse to wreck havoc on another country, and Ethiopia has always been a prize for centuries. Not only for their churches, but because it is believed that the Ark of the Covenant is kept there. And the Christian churches are truly a marvel. But back to Egypt. Firstly one of the problems they have are the dams. Over the years the silt that comes down the Nile has built up in the dams and as a result the dams have less and less carrying capacity. The solution is of course to dredge these dams on an on going basis. Another very sad by product of these dams is the silt which for thousands of years used to wash down the Nile banks and making it one of the most fertile regions on the planet no longer does so. SO over the last couple of years the banks have become less and less fertile which means you now have to bring in fertilizers. You can see the devestation especially in the delta. The silt flowing out of the delta into the sea kept the water ways clear of salt water, Now because of the lack of silt, the sea water is flooding back up the delta which is detrimental to the soil. And I am tired of this “water shortage scam, which is as bad as global warming scam. It is an excuse for people like Nestle to privatise water and rob everyone. Desalinisation plants have come a long, long way and then there are atmospheric water generators.

        • Jacobson

          Abby it seems you recognize the problem but interpret it wrong !

          If you think that conflicts between Ethiopia and Eygpt are due to the “ark” or any kind of this childish excuses , you fall into the same lies that leaders always told their people .
          Wars are always about economy but with religious excuses to motivate the masses .

          Eygpt : 80 million people
          Ethiopia : 90 million people
          U.S.A : 300 million people

          Average precipitation in depth (mm per year) : (2009-2013)
          Eygpt : 51 mm
          Ethiopia : 848 mm
          U.S.A : 715 mm

          So as you see , Ethiopia and Eygpt has almost the same population but Eygpt is with 51 mm and Ethiopia is with 848 mm . I added u.s inorder for you to compare population and precipitation .
          BUT , The only water resource for Eygpt is the Nile while in u.s for example there are many rivers , glaciers etc , 99% of Eygpt is barren desert land .

          I guess you don’t understand the meaning of water shortage ,
          And I didn’t talk about ANY GLOBAL WARMING –
          I talked about existen water resources and precipitation .
          To the information I showed , Add the fact that Ethiopia built dams and there you got an explosive conflict between 2 huge nations on the most important thing on earth (water) in the middle of the desert .

          Now many scientists are arguing if the delta of the nile really changed .
          If we will take your notion , that a thousand of year nature has changed ,
          why is it a “scam” to talk about global changes in nature ?
          If you get involved in natural structures of life , isn’t it a change ?

          I remember my first lecture in climatology course in university :
          “Every intervention in climate is wrong” (Dr. Oded)

          • Jacobson

            I just wanted to add that people from western countries don’t really understand what a “desert life” is .
            It is too comfertable to sit behind a computer and write about places that are very far from you and that probably you didn’t visit and talked with the locals.
            Ask the average jordanian , he will tell you how is it feel to have a water badget : Every day you get a barrel or two (depends how many people in family) and that’s it !
            In U.S , you open the faucet as much as you want …

        • Johnny Palestine

          Zionist Bankers?? How dare those Jews deamnd a 9 mile by 40 mile land of their own.

          As far as invaders go, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Mundo Latino and Muslims all over Asia, is due to colonization and land thievery and forced native displacement.

          Abby possibly lives in a state whose name is derived from a native tongue erased by her ascendants.

    • lastmanstanding

      Nice Abbey. Post this over at shtfplan and most would call you a racist.

      • Abby

        Racist? I do not see how. The only people I did not include in this diatribe are black Africans and Chinese… oh yes and Native Americans… oh yes and Aboriginals… have I left anyone out? A stroll through Jerusalem and if you had to take away the costumes, a black hat there, a ringlet there, a towel head here a habit there, the people, Jewish, Christian and Muslim all look the same. The original inhabitants all middle eastern and basically semites. All rooted in Abraham and Moses and the Ten Commandments, which makes you wonder… really wonder…

        • Antony

          Great post Abby!! I have often thought about our world, society, and history! Solomon’s words often come to my mind about life. I believe that in the end God will make it right 🙂

    • Eric

      Should be an interesting summer. Another attempt will be made in July to arrest the pope and the queen. I’m curious to see how the OAS pans out this weekend. Hopefully it will be peaceful without any false flags. Either way, the satanic pedophile criminals are going away and the golden age is coming.

    • Frank Zak

      Actually Jeff Christians new yearbook showed nearly
      equal supply demand for silver. First time since 2003.

      Kitco reported a week or two ago India’s demand for silver
      dropped 42% YOY.

      Christian has called the gold and silver prices for years
      with remarkable accuracy.

      I agree with Mike Maloney, “Christian is one of the best
      in the business.”

      I consider him very honest.

      There is no one whom can beat him in a debate.

      • SGT

        Good one Frank! Your comments get more amusing by the day. Jeffrey Christian has refused to debate Bix Weir on the FACTS previously. But don’t let that get in your way. 🙂

        • Frank Zak

          Hi SGT,

          I don’t think most people consider Bix rational.
          (being polite)

          Christian against Bix would be like Hercules
          against Daffy Duck.

          Christian has class. He is the best there is.

          It would be like Babe Ruth debating Ty Cobb.

          Bix is out of his league.

          They all are.

          And, they are all jealous of Christian.

          Christian keeps hitting them out of the park.

          The silver gurus are picking up aluminum cans
          out of trash cans in the park to survive.

          Notice all the great silver gurus admit to buying
          Christian’s report including Morgan. Morgan said he spent
          an hour reading it on your interview.

          In your interview with Mike Maloney he said, “Jeffrey Christian
          is one of the best in the business.”

          Babe Ruth …. the man whom built Yankee Stadium.

          • Eric

            Haha yes very amusing indeed.

            Most people. Haha. If most people knew the difference between money, currency, and debt we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

            If they had any clue as to the real power structure that has been behind this planet for thousands of years and not just the money changers, most people would soil their shorts.

            Frank, if you are looking to unload your silver because all you focus on is paper fixed (manipulated) price, then I’m sure there will be plenty of panicky buyers out there.

          • DK

            Oh the always popular JC bashing.
            People seem to forget he called the downturn in the gold market in 2013. Casey Research also warned against weakness, 3 times. They were correct all 3 times based on technical analysis.
            But lets bash JC and cry manipulation.
            Just because you like people like David Morgan does not mean they are right. At the end of the day it is about preserving wealth and making money. I’ll take Jeffrey Christians advice over alot of the so called gurus anyday.
            But you do not get popular around here Frank by talking saying JC is good.
            Funny world.
            Another thing when there was evidence of manipulation of the gold market upwards in 2011 did anyone complain? :=)

          • AK

            I remember how much class Jeffrey Christian showed at the Silver Summit when he attacked Andrew McGuire. Rather than addressing specific claims of Andrew McGuire he just made his attacks personal and made some completely irrelevant claims about his past. We all know that Jeffrey Christian is a shill for the establishment – he has proven that over and over again.

    • Alustoon

      Great commend Abby, nowadays not so often to read even in alternative Media in the US. You speak out of my heart. Come over here to Russia, you will never regret. As a German I feel free here, I can breath. When I am back in Germany I count the hours to get to the plane back home.


    The Jesuit Order is still in control serving their Father The Devil

  • Phil Downunder

    Great interview Sean.

    And great comment Abby. Thanks for the “in-depth”. I never would have put all that together.

    As far as Putin, hey, I like the guy. He plays ice hockey, likes guns,(and women) has a black belt in judo, is disciplined and rational, & is a friend of Steven Seagall. Brother Nathaniel likes him, and he stopped WW III in Syria a few months ago. He knows his Russian history and what the West did to Russia by supporting the Bolshevik revolution, and seems to have no love-loss for the Cabal Banksters. He seems to be a genuine Russian patriot.(unlike the McCains, Grahams, Reids, Pelosis, Feinsteins et al, who seem to be traitors to the USA).

    So far, in Ukraine, he hasn’t put a foot wrong by over-reacting to the outrageous provocations of the West, but it must be driving him crazy watching the butchery coming out of the West via Kiev. He has a tough job.

    You’ve got to trust someone sooner or later, and given the choices offered on the other side,(Cameron,Obama,Hollande,Merkel,?????) my money is on Putin. Hope I’m not disappointed!!

    • Ed_B

      “He seems to be a genuine Russian patriot.(unlike the McCains, Grahams, Reids, Pelosis, Feinsteins et al, who seem to be traitors to the USA).”

      IMO, those people don’t merely SEEM to be traitors, they ARE traitors! >:-[

  • Eric

    Holy crap! Dollar index jumps above 80! Quick…everyone run out and sell your silver for a pocket full of crumpled up twenties!

    The value is in the possession NOT the price! Do you know where your money is? Is it secure?

    The only reason to care about spot price is to buy, not to sell. We are not “buying” silver. We are trading worthless currency for sound money that we can spend someday.

    I hope it stays below 20 for a while.

    Thanks for the interview guys!

  • mickeymoist

    and here I thought SGT was going to give David Morgan a mirror….

  • Gen

    One day the rigging must stop. It’s been amazing how long they have been able to manipulate the market with paper-metals.

    • Ed_B

      It will end and probably in a way that few have foreseen. IMO, it will end when the Chinese and Indians start offering money for physical gold and silver at prices that are above those of the paper mongers. Imagine the effect of China announcing that they will buy every ounce of gold available for $1500 an oz. or India offering to buy silver for $30 an ounce. Over time, these prices would rise as the available western PM holdings diminish towards zero. Finally, those who actually have these metals will be setting the prices and they will not be the current paper pushers who live in London and New York. When this happens, we will see prices that are WAY above the current prices. $10,000 an oz. gold and $500+ an oz. silver will not be unreasonable under these conditions.

  • Sam

    On the update, ?.

    Not following this follow up clarification offered by J Christian or the explanation on it either by Morgan’s annotations. Are people supposed to go to DM’s web site for further explanation on the inside cryptic like message?

    • SGT

      I don’t disagree about the way this is written. Christian was apparently upset with David’s take on the Silver Yearbook, so David wanted to “clarify” – which may have only muddied the waters further.

      • Sam

        I hear you on that SGT, the waters are muddied and they smell of desperation too on Jeffies take/retake on it.

        The one thing really clear though, is that the more the waters are muddied, the more that silver shines 🙂

        Excellent web site, look forward to more reports and great comments by all.

  • Woodchuck

    I had a chance to ask Jeff C the last question in a Q&A session at the 10th Silver Summit. It was, considering the MF Global bankruptcy and the losses to patrons would it impact the PMs futures contracts? After a long protracted explanation the answer was No. It turned out to be the case since he knows that PMs have been manipulated by the fix and HF trading with those evil computers at a 100 to 1 paper to physical ratio. I found out later Jeff might be a friend with Corzine. So that might be the reason for the protracted explanation. These guys look out for each other until it gets bad and then they will eat each other. Meanwhile I’m going to follow The Admirals lead and go all in. I’m selling everything, cars, toys, a kidney maybe the home and acquire as much AG as I can. I will live in a camper through the turmoil. All those eagles are going to soar or at least roost safely during the storm.

  • Yuri

    2 Abby: It’s a big mistake to claim that Putin is ‘totally loyal and faithful to Russia and to the Russian people’. The reality is quite the opposite. Putin is a puppet of the Illuminati. All his policies are aimed at creating the NWO in Russia. Look at what he DOES, not what he SAYS. You’ll see the same policies as elsewhere – depopulation, widespread immigration and destruction of the nation state, herding of the people to big cities and destruction of the countryside, destruction of the industrial base and turning of the economy into a raw material source for the West, etc. In fact, Russian people are subjected to nothing less than a genocide.

    As to the silver fix, they are very smart at having done this – now they’ll be able to claim that markets are no longer ‘fixed’, while they continue dumping huge amounts of paper silver on Comex.

    • I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion the heads of all the important countries are Illuminati. The ‘war’ is the heads of government against their people. I used to chat with people all over the world with many being from Russia and China. The Russian people are so dismal that I can’t chat with them any more. Strangely enough the Chinese have a much happier outlook. This is all getting very interesting.

  • Jeff

    Was Morgan drunk when he wrote that “update”? It’s total incoherent babble talk. Cite the document, provide a link and let the truth be known.

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