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Could Washington Be Dragged Into A “Sea” Of Fire?

from The News Doctors:

Tensions are rising fast in East Asia as relations between China and several of its neighbors continue to deteriorate.  There have been ominous developments in just the past few days.  Speaking in Shanghai to the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a veiled warning to countries about forming or strengthening alliances to counter China. “To beef up military alliances targeted at a third party is not conducive to maintaining common security in the region,” he admonished.   Just hours later, the governments of Vietnam and the Philippines issued a statement that they would jointly oppose “illegal” Chinese actions in the South China Sea.

Manila has steadily escalated its territorial disputes with Beijing regarding the South China Sea in recent years, and China’s decision to build an oil drilling platform in disputed waters has caused its simmering dispute with Hanoi to flare.  Although the new bilateral statement falls far short of being an “alliance,” it does indicate the formation of a common front against China’s policies.

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3 comments to Could Washington Be Dragged Into A “Sea” Of Fire?

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    What do you mean “dragged in”? Washington (America) has been there stirring the shit, raising the stench level with their presence in Asia, for over 100 years. Globally, that’s just one of the sandboxes which Washington craps in. To suggest that the Washington Military arm of the international banker’s assoc. is going to be surprised by unfolding events or be the naive innocent bystander in this up and coming criminal distraction, namely WW3, it either duplicity by a captured “news” outlet or taking the Pollyanna syndrome to a new height.
    America and the CIA were caught completely by surprise in The Ukraine as well, no doubt. Should make a great headline.

  • Rodster

    Bitchez want and need a war that’s which is why all this shit is happening around the world.

    • Ed_B

      Maybe. But there were and will continue to be plenty of wars whether the US is involved or not. Face it, people… war is THE ultimate blood-sport and LOTS of people enjoy playing it, not just the US. Yes, the US stirs the pot. But then, so do others, including the Europeans, China, and Russia. We can all stop looking for “good guys” in this world. That designation seems to be REAL temporary and jumps around a lot.

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