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Congressional Move Underway to Defund Armed Federal Goons

from 21st Century Wire:

Despite attempts by US media to divert attention away from the Bureau of Land Management’s domestic military debacle in Bunkerville, Nevada, one of the core issues regarding federal jurisdiction and aggression refuses to die.

The public outrage is now beginning to gain some traction with elected representatives, as Utah Congressman Chris Stewart (image, left), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, has begun as motion to defund and disarm federal paramilitary units currently operating within the color of law and and under various layers shadowy federal policies and statutes.

Ward Damon Hubbard comments, “It was the BLM who had sniper trained on civilians, it was the BLM who had K-9 units and tazered and unarmed man, aren’t those actions of a terrorist? It was the BLM who rounded up cattle illegally, it was the BLM who chased down cattle and shot them from the air. It was the BLM who took cattle that didn’t belong to them to auction and it was the BLM who destroyed property, aren’t those acts of terrorist?”

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3 comments to Congressional Move Underway to Defund Armed Federal Goons

  • Ed_B

    I am in favor of some government employees being armed in the same manner as is typical of local deputy sheriff’s officers, such as with service pistols and shotguns, but not equipped like soldiers with automatic rifles and army-type tactical gear. They have a right to protect themselves with defensive weapons but they should not have the right to be heavily armed for offensive operations.


    ED_B , I am in favor of government employees keeping out of the American people’s
    business!!! Then they won’t need tazers,dogs,and AR-15’s!

    • B.M.

      Amen! Even if Congress does defund the BLM and other completely NON-ESSENTIAL Fed Gov’t agencies like the DHS, don’t worry as the CIA will simply use the money they make from drug smuggling to fund the armament of the BLM, DHS, IRS and others through the back door.

      And the NWO just keeps marching right on!

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