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Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ FRACKING Operation — 3 People “Missing”

from dutchsinse:

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5 comments to Colorado 4 MILE LONG Landslide @ FRACKING Operation — 3 People “Missing”

  • Snoops

    It ISN’T just water they pump into the crevices inside the earth– its also, extremely toxic chemicals! These leak out and often contaminate water tables. Plus, when people in the vicinity turn on their tap water, its so toxic it will catch on fire if a lit match touches the water. water on fire!!

  • Sam

    Hey Snoops, you got that right! Fracking SUCKS!

    BTW, I heard of the “mudslide” on the Lame Stream this morning and they did not mention anything of fracking or of the industry at all.

    Great stuff to post SGT and thanx for that!

  • Jeff

    Dutch is a clown. He is not a scientist. Observing events and drawing conclusions based on google earth tours isn’t science. I’m not saying what he is saying is false. I’m saying that his commentary is not worth listening to IMHO. God be with the families affected by this.

  • Don

    A quick search would have turned up the fact the three missing men are not oil/gas employees. A county road and bridge guy, his son and another man went to check on irrigation water to the ranches in the area.

    Far more likely was the snow starting to melt at 10,000 feet and the many days of torrential rain….

  • Frank

    2.8 earthquake @ 7:42 pm in Cedaredge, Co. 5/25/2014

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