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‘Child-Friendly’ Satan Statue for Oklahoma State Capitol Awaits Final Judgment

by Michael Chapman, CNS News:

It may seem absurd – or given the moral state of the nation, appropriate — but the grounds committee for the Oklahoma State Capitol, the Preservation Commission, has been asked by The Satanic Temple, a group from New York, to place a privately funded statue of Satan, complete with pentagram and two fawning children at Lucifer’s knee, on the Capitol grounds near a monument of the Ten Commandments.

In the statue, which is to be cast in bronze and is near completion, Satan is depicted as “Baphomet” with a goat’s head and horns, and there is a boy on his left and a girl on his right.

“We decided to go with that because it is a fairly traditional character,” Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple, told KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. “It also offers a lap that visitors can come to sit on, have their picture taken with.”

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9 comments to ‘Child-Friendly’ Satan Statue for Oklahoma State Capitol Awaits Final Judgment

  • Angel

    No doubt there will be multiple “accidents” that damage this piece of “artistic brilliance.”

    • Ed_B

      Nope. Just one. But it WILL be a doozie.

    • why would you even think about this . tell them to put it on their front lawn . are people in the Baptist stronghold of Oklahoma becoming a bunch of pansies . its your constitutional right to say hell no . child friendly what a joke so was hitler’s little children solders

    • ANTI-WEAKsatanANDhisFollowers

      ARTISTIC BRILLIANCE???????????????????????????????????????????????? I certainly hope that is sarcasm?? These evil, vile, wicked, souless, GODLESS people need to crawl back in their holes,far away from society, and if possible…GOD’s EARTH! Also “Lucien greives”, which is a fake name obviously..lucifer greives, seriously freaks, lucifer greives for nothing but to be worshipped and HE NEVER WILL, but it will get him and his followers sent to hell for an eternity! Satan is doing well in GOD’s world, there are so many weak, dispicable, wicked, immoral, dysfunctional, vane, greedy, useless, inadequate,sick souls to take for an eternity, and let me tell you less than man and failures of GOD, you can worship “it” all you want, he will still abuse, toruture and destroy you in hell, which is on elittle way he will take out his frustrations on his weak and useless follwers, right now, he just needs you to be the fools you are, to do his filthy work, and then “it” will pay you back in the way GOD said he would…with all that is evil, that is his way, and your kind at this satanic “temple”, will then see that what GOD said was true and you only really hurt yourself, but remember, once you chose your weak master, there i sno turning back, there is however bending over for your daddy for an eternity!!! GET a soul, get some morals, get a brain fools at satans temple! You are as weak as your father, seek help!! Oh and stop utilizing everything GOD gave his children on GOds EARTH! CRAWL IN YOUR HOLES until GOD comes to judge you all and vanquish you to hell with your inadequate “father” and stick your UNGODLY statue up your…! To think they place children at weak satans lap, the monster who we were told hates children, wants nothing more than to harm GODs “little ones”, is the main reason why so many children go missing and are molested, tortured and sacrificed to this monster by psychotic weak souless cockroaches from hell and failures of GOD, who are so dispicable that they can’t even credit GOD who obviously created them and gave them life…but he can and will take it away, and that time is coming, so “lucy” greives”, get back in your hole and wait for his judgement, like weak satan has to do, until then he is left to take out the unworthy before GOD collects his real children, in other words GOD allowed satan to collect the detestable, shameful, disgraceful and weed them out with ridulous lies of temptation and the gracefull will inherit what GOD really had in mind, this short little life of a test in which satans followers have failed miserably, is nothing but a test oh stupid children of “it”!

  • dave

    you know maybe we all need to just pray and ask the almighty to send a message that makes the point with this statue, and that it is unmistakable of who the message came from

  • Should it be o.k.ed and placed near the Ten Commandments then it would be a perfect time for love ones to explain to children of all ages about Good & Evil. Never miss a chance that God gives us to make a bad situation and turn it into something good. Smile,pray and hand it to the Lord.

    • CalSailX

      Like your idea, but in as how I don’t live in the State. It’s up to them that live there to decide. God gave them free will let them exercise that which he gave them!

  • glitter 1

    Ga 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    The inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah never saw it coming.In the fullness of time,neither will the apostate reprobates within the USA.

  • pvtskulker

    Alot of money is going to be spent trying to protect that thing.

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