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CHECKMATE: Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting” — China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

from ZeroHedge:

Russia Ministry of Finance is ready to greenlight a plan to radically increase the role of the Russian ruble in export operations while reducing the share of dollar-denominated transactions. Governmental sources believe that the Russian banking sector is “ready to handle the increased number of ruble-denominated transactions”. According to the Prime news agency, on April 24th the government organized a special meeting dedicated to finding a solution for getting rid of the US dollar in Russian export operations. Top level experts from the energy sector, banks and governmental agencies were summoned and a number of measures were proposed as a response for American sanctions against Russia.

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30 comments to CHECKMATE: Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting” — China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

  • It’s over. There is NOTHING short of war that can stop the dollar’s demise. I just have to wonder if all this Ukraine activity has war as its final act.

    This really is quite simple. As the dollars use worldwide drops and countries dump their treasuries, they’ll come pouring back home. We’ll see inflation skyrocket. It will continue until the dollar “is no more.” The government will have robbed everything from us by then. Our 401k’s, pensions, savings…. gone. What is “our” (and the country’s) fate. That’s the BIG question. I cannot see how this goes down orderly. I’m planning on a real mess.

    I scream it to the top of the hills again…… Our whole way of life is going to come to a screeching halt. Believe it or not, it IS inevitable. Ignore it at your own risk.

  • Steelerdude

    we knew this was going to happen sooner or later….best to everyone on the sgt site!

    • Ed_B

      Right on, Steelerdude. While none of us knows when the financial hammer will hit, we pretty much all know that it is in a downward motion right now.

      These sanctions on Russia are incredibly dumb. They won’t work, they are ticking off a huge energy supplier, and Russia is a country with whom we should be trying to work. Their oil and gas reserves give them a seat at the table where world productivity and finance are discussed. Trying to marginalize them, contain them, or exclude them from the conversations that MUST occur between nations as we move into the future is only going to backfire and leave the US on the outside looking in. The worst of this is that this is completely unnecessary, not to mention downright dangerous.

  • jerry

    I believe this proves that the powers that be are coordinating the US collapse, wont be any wars of magnitude because its not needed to bring about our destruction. We’ve just been handed off to the corporations as we are totally enslaved by debt. The doors will open to reign in TPP or TTP, whatever, but we as a nation with individual liberty for all as gone by the way of the Twin Towers. The corporations will continue their trans human transformation turning people into a robotic unfeeling unemotional dog eat dog race.
    Germany’s past is not Amerika’s future, ours will be much worse. This weekend may prove to be a true pivotal turning point for good or evil. If the laws of our nation are not restored and enforced without regard to political or social status, we will rot at the core ,tyranny will continue reign.
    Im not against our government just the people running it. The state run media needs taken out along with all those who have recently lied to congress and participated in the false flag operations geared at disarming the public. Abolish the FED, TSA, NSA, The Muslim led Homeland Security. Revamp EPA ,FBI, public education, CIA should go also but Im sure most will say this is a bit over the top. But in my opinion anything short of this it will be the same ole same ole as history repeats itself in a most democidal fashion.

  • Don

    3 day weekend one week after China-Russia meeting.
    Time to roll out the red money?

  • Gerald

    Me thinks things will just keep on ticking like they have been since all this began in 2008. I keep hearing ‘game over’ all the time. Crying wolf has got to me. I really don’t care anymore. I will just play the system and if it fails,so what. I bought into the ‘buy silver’ scheme and spent all my savings on it. I get tired of hearing how it is a safe haven. Safe from what? I could have invested in rental property and been making good cash flow now. And all this down talk about having debt. My home is paid for and I do not see a problem if I owe on anything else. Debt is a good way to get wealth. I have a nephew who in the last 2 years has acquired 10 rental units and is building 4 more. He has great cash flow and is using it to buy a large piece of land for his home. All this at the banks expense. He started with zero cash as they loaned 80% of finished value. Of course he has sweat equity. This system may fail,but I doubt it will be soon.At age 62,I will take my chances using other peoples money.

    • Paul T

      Gerald, I’m with you on this one. I too started buying silver back 2010 and I haven’t done anything but lose money on it having to sell some hear and there. I still have quite a bit and am not selling it but I’m like you, I like the cash flowing real estate myself and if I had put the last 4 years of silver purchases into rental apartments, I’d also have some good cash flow. I’m sick of this checkmate shit. I woke up to the dollar collapse 4 years ago, went thru the 5 stages of awakening and all that shit and have been waiting and waiting and waiting…yawn. Well, I can’t wait forever for this dollar collapse, end of America, WW3, whatever anymore. I’m gonna just keep on living and if and when it happens, oh well it fuckin happens. No more silver purchases, no more stock piling shit, I’m done. I have enough shit already, and I’m tired of waiting. And I’m tired of seeing articles like this.

      • J

        Yup, I started with the big Y2K hyped “disaster” that never happened. Been there done that, bought a lot of chit and also sold a lot of it. Getting older now so the wife and I left for a warmer and more peaceful place. The truth is that none of these so-called gurus who keep predicting the imminent “collapse” have a clue as to when it MAY happen or IF it ever will.

        My take is that they have made so many wrong calls that they had to stir up the “markets are manipulated” meme to save some cred and keep pumping out the hype. If they were so smart as they and others claim then they would have already known that the PM and other markets are rigged and alerted their followers long ago. You have an imposter posing as the president of the US and then you expect that the markets are going to give “investors” an even shake? Or some regulatory agency is going to police the fiasco and hold someone accountable? Guess who is accountable…? It is the working stiff who pays taxes, everyone else is getting a free ride on their back.

        The IRS has simplified its rules… There are only two main rules on the form now.
        1. How much do you make?
        2. Send it all in…

        Go and live your life as you see fit, stay aware but take all of the hype with a grain of salt. Caveat Emptor

        • Anon

          “Gerald”, “Paul T”, and “J”,

          I liked your comments. Two things: 1) You are all right about the fact, that we are inundated, daily (by the “alternative” media) with stories like this one, that, in the aggregate, feed FEAR, and serve as “doom porn”. I used to listen to Alex Jones, A LOT, and, at some point, I realized despite all the hype (ie, “doom porn”) little in my life had actually changed in the ways that life in America had been fore-casted to change. I mean, I don’t know anyone who’s been sent to a FEMA Camp (yet). I’d say, from a psychological standpoint, it’s unhealthy to become obsessed with all the DARK possibilities that lurk just around our combined corner, according to the “alternative” media doom-casters. Having said that, 2) Don’t underestimate the Western International Central Bankers. If they want an economic collapse in the U.S., in order to gain even more control over all of us – chances are, it will happen. It may happen regardless, if the BRICs and NAM (Non-Aligned -with the IMF- Movement) Countries have their way. Of course, it is entirely possible, that the globalists have already shifted their focus outside the U.S. – I mean – after all, they did export our manufacturing base overseas, to China and India, and elsewhere – starting way back in the 1980’s, if not earlier. They wanted that cheap labor, and were tired of paying American employees benefits, like pensions, healthcare insurance, etc. Think about how your life has ALREADY CHANGED, just since late 2008, and the “No Banker Left Behind” Bailouts. What is coming could be FAR WORSE. Just saying. Remember, also, that these Bankers never let a good crisis go to waste – and, that their war of attrition against the plebs is a psywar of sleight of hand – a a war waged by deception. ‘They’ produce NOTHING of any value to society. They sit or stand there, in their suits and ties – telling the rest of us – who actually work, and produce something of benefit to our local communities, how WE are supposed to be living our lives. What a crock. They’ve got us all on a hamster wheel – working our asses off often in their corporations – just to survive – while simultaneously subsidizing their extravagant lifestyles – their yachts, their private islands, their mansions, their bentleys, etc. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST.

          50 Ways to STARVE the Beast

        • SGT

          I certainly empathize with the way you gentleman feel, most of us have similar feelings at this point. The Dow rocketing from 6,666 to just over 16,000 is nothing less than salt in an open wound to anyone who made the honorable effort to exit this criminal ‘economic hitman’ financial paradigm. With that said, it’s hard to see how the FACT that “on April 24th the (Russian) government organized a special meeting dedicated to finding a solution for GETTING RID OF THE US DOLLAR in Russian export operations” is ‘fear mongering’ or ‘crying wolf’. The strategic move against the petrodollar that’s now in progress internationally is very real and it cannot be stopped. The info you get here about the stark reality we are facing is information you are unlikely to get from the mainstream mockingbird corporate media. This system built on deceit and war and murder which has enriched those to whom you refer, will continue …until the day it abruptly ends.

          • mangrove

            Yeah, this news is very real and much different from the speculative prognostications put forth by many a respected analyst over the last decade. They’ve only been wrong on the timing of the dollar collapse. Hang in there peeps, yer preps aren’t in vain. (unfortunately)

            For everyone else who’s brainwashed by the mockingbird media, I have one message: ignorance is bliss….. until it ain’t.

          • Paul T

            SGT, I, by no means think you would ever mislead people on purpose, nor do I think you’re spreading doom porn. I think you’re just a regular guy like me, sick of the lies, bullshit and deceit. On top of that though, I’m also sick of waiting. There are investment paths I would love to take right now, but my heart keeps telling me “not yet”. But like Gerald said, he would have liked to do the real estate thing like me. I understand what money is, that the dollar is doomed, we’re in trouble, I get all that. And I do really like your site and follow it everyday to keep up with real news. But I know you get my frustration also. It’s always some new nail in the coffin that makes it imminent. We’ve heard that for several years now, it’s always something and then the same old…nothing happens, things just keep muddling along. SGT, I know you’re on the right path, and I will continue to follow u, and hold my silver and preps but even u have to admit, u must be on the frustrated end of this boat too.

            • SGT

              PT, Though I don’t wish for the collapse knowing the pain it will bring for tens of millions – I sure would very much like to see the day when every holder of physical silver (and gold) in our community is rewarded richly for their wisdom AND tenacity. Peace & prosperity my friend. (wait, is that Spock’s line?)

    • Don

      So you correctly identify the problem. Invest accordingly. Then it doesn’t immediately pay off so you get impatient and contribute to the corruption. There will be sweet irony in the karma coming your way. Most people don’t understand their actions put their children into debt slavery of hundreds of thousands of FRNs, you did. You are knowingly stealing from others!

      Ever think that this sham of an economy would have stopped long ago if not for the weakness of persons (was going to say men, doesn’t seem appropriate) like you? But you had to get yours, right?
      I’m not saying spend every spare cent on silver, but to empower banks and steal from others is pure evil.

      • Ed_B

        I have to agree with you, Don. Once people understand that silver and gold are NOT investments, they are M-O-N-E-Y. Silver and gold will be ALL of the wealth that people have when the SHTF. As to borrowing out the wahzoo to buy real estate and flip it or rent it, we’ve seen this movie before and it ended badly for those doing it… and not all that long ago, either. It really ought to be fresh in people’s minds. I got into silver in 2010 and have been buying regularly in moderate amounts, usually 200-300 ozs. at a time. I buy 5-6 times a year and plan to continue doing that. I also have a little gold now but not all that many ounces. These did not cost me anything. I merely converted one form of currency into another. This is my long-term savings plan and it makes a lot more sense than saving cash in banks that want to steal it via a bail-in or hold it myself and watch its buying power melt away due to Fed-induced inflation. I am in no rush to sell and was never foolish enough to go “all in”. PMs are a solid but limited part of my portfolio. They are financial insurance that might one day pay huge dividends when all else, even US dollars, fail. If not, then they can be left to my kids and / or grand kids. They do not have to pay off in my lifetime for them to be worthwhile assets, any more than a life insurance policy has to pay off immediately to be worth having. Price? Not especially important. Just buy the dips and hold. One day, it won’t matter what we paid for our PMs, only that we have them when others do not.

        • The Truth

          Checkmate Ed-B

        • Angel

          You said: “Price? Not especially important. Just buy the dips and hold. One day, it won’t matter what we paid for our PMs, only that we have them when others do not.”

          I say: It ALREADY doesn’t matter what I paid for my PMs, just that I’m thankful I cashed out of two retirement accounts before they become nationalized/converted/raided (whatever form of theft it is), and converted them to REAL money. This is a move that everyone should absolutely consider going forward.

      • Gerald

        I guess I don’t get it.How does me being in debt affect my kids or grandkids? My debts will all be paid upon my death. Please explain what I am missing here.

  • Angel

    For the naysayers who have thrown in the towel because they claim that they’ve heard it all before, and for those who say they’ve wasted their dollars on gold and silver by falling for this in the past, I would like to remind you that what you heard before was SPECULATION based upon hints and supposed insider info. Granted, many of us were premature in calling the end of the dollar, but that certainly didn’t invalidate the claim.

    What’s being discussed now is an entirely different ball if wax. This deal between China and Russia is 98% complete, according to Russia’s Deputy Energy Minister. So this is NOT speculation. This is the real deal, and the beginning of a true paradigm shift, and one that will not escape the attention of every American.

    My advice for those still in doubt as to the validity of this news is to do your own research. Putin will be visiting China on May 20 to discuss these new trade deals. Look into the facts of this visit for yourselves so you can understand the significance of what’s to come.

    As for gold and silver, we will likely see an incremental increase in the price. I am not suggesting that you will instantly wake up one morning to $10,000 an oz. gold and $500.00 an oz. silver, though that also isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

    Over a period of months and years (tops), the collapse of the dollar will result in increased hyperinflation. It MUST happen that way. Under these circumstances, gold and silver will be invaluable, to say the least.

    Should we see the issuance of gold-backed regional currencies (as I believe will be the next big announcement), the prospects for the metals are even more astounding.

    But first things first. The meeting.

    • J

      “For the naysayers who have thrown in the towel because they claim that they’ve heard it all before…”

      You sound familiar. I am not “claiming” anything, I have heard the S.O.S. many times before from a multitude of sources. To Wit: The Sky is going to fall real soon now so just “keep stacking” and if you subscribe to my newsletter I will give you secret inside information from my anonymous elitist sources… p.s. Better buy a bunch of freeze dried food, PM’s and supplies while you’re at it (I just happen to sell them). The Gold vaults are empty, paper manipulation is finished, there are Russian troops in America ready to take over, the Yellowstone super volcano is about to erupt, a Western bank “bail-in” is imminent, the Starfish are melting, the Silver fix is officially dead, a mystery planetoid is about to strike the earth, the “BIG” Silver secret, USA MORPHS INTO A NATION WHERE ANYTHING GOES, ANYTIME, Deflation Propaganda: the Great Perversion… etc., etc., etc.

      Have not “thrown in the towel”, have just gained a bit of wisdom over the years after hearing the S.O.S. being continually regurgitated. You are probably young so you have some time to go before you realize what is happening. Clue: we are all being played…

      • Angel

        @J: I don’t recall ever addressing my reply to you in particular. It was aimed at those who often comment with a very negative view of some of the scenarios that are expressed on this and other sites.

        I am not as young as you may imagine, but I’m also not so bitter as to allow it to interfere with my ability to reason and think things through. I’ve been around long enough to learn that skill and not allow unbridled emotion to cloud my thinking. This is something that ought to come with maturity, but I sense that your lagging behind in this regard.

        Incidentally, I agree with you that hype is the order of the day on some alternative sites, but I’m careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. There’s at least an element of truth to many of the things you mentioned, and we must learn how to discern the truth through the S.O.S. without it becoming a bug up our ass.

        So then, let me ask you this. If you’re SO put off by these articles, why do you torture yourself by coming on to sites like this and reading them? Or do you simply want to ruffle some feathers by being disagreeable?

    • Paul T

      Angel, you could be right on the money and I pretty much agree with everything u just said, It just seems like its taking forever and as bad as I know this dollar collapse is gonna be, I just wish we could get it over with and move on with our lives with truth and production again instead of having to live being taxed to death waiting for things to get bad. And yes, this China/Russia deal may be a different animal like you say but it’s just a little hard to believe. Not saying you’re wrong, just saying, I wanna see what happens before I buy into it completely. I didn’t buy my silver over the past few years to make a quick profit and I hope me saying what I’m saying here doesn’t give anyone that idea. I buy it because I wanna have some capital to start my organic farm after the dollar is no more and to have money to feed my wife and son in the case that that’s all people will accept for payment. But yes, I do believe we’re headed for hyperinflation, in dollars of course but big deflation when you price the goods in oz of gold or silver. Dollars buying less to nothing, gold/silver buying more and more…but man it’s dragging on…

      • Angel

        Believe me Paul T, I hear you. But it’s my belief (and has been for decades) that we’re dealing with a diabolical group of beings that control pretty much every important aspect of our lives on this plane. As such, there’s no quick fix to any of this, as (again, my opinion) it is a spiritual battle that will like continue on long after the dollar collapses and we’re able to benefit (in our own way) from our years of patiently stacking PM and by making the other adjustments and sacrifices that we’ve made in life for a better future.

        This esoteric answer may sound like a cop out to some, but I believe it with all my heart. I’m certainly not going to assume that just because the dollar goes to hell in a hand basket and is replaced by something else, possibly even gold-backed at a future date, that life will be rosy for us. It will likely be EXTREMELY difficult.

        With that said, we will most certainly be one step ahead of the hoards, and some of us may even be in a position to be follow through on things that we cannot at the moment, especially if we see opportunities and act upon them. Your organic farm plans are a case in point. But again, generally speaking, life will likely be MORE difficult in ways that we now take for granted.

        I already decided quite some time ago that I was in this for the long haul. It doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated, but it means that I keep my peace of mind and my composure at all costs. Without that, we’re finished.

        I always absorb the info I read carefully, take some of it with a grain of salt, and realize that SPECIFIC time frames and predictions seldom materialize the way they’re presented. With that said, we CAN follow trends and patters, and develop a rough idea of where things are headed.

        This latest news has taken us one step closer to the dollar’s demise, but I’m certainly not saying we will see anything etched in stone right off the bat. However, it is pointing to something significant, too significant to ignore.

        Keep the faith, Paul T, and best wishes. I believe you’re on the correct path and quite honestly, I see no other alternative for you or me. I hope your dreams and plans materialize, and then some.

  • AK

    Those folks who purchased precious metals seeking an instant gain or thinking that this is a sure way to get rich quick completely missed the point of buying in the first place. PMs are NOT investments and consequently you should not value your PMs the way you value traditional investments. Gold and Silver are your WAY OUT of an overleveraged, corrupt, manipulated, paper Ponzi system that is on the brink (more so than ever now with these real live events threatening the dollar) and is only held together by the Federal Reserve actions that are becoming ever more reactive and desperate. Gold and silver held outside of the banking system is your way of turning your back on a system that is so evil and so intent on destroying lives that any aware person with a conscience simply should not want any part of it. That is the main reason why I converted by liquid net worth into precious metals and continue to do so as I have spare cash that I don’t want to hold in my bank account that pays no interest and is subject to be confiscated at any time they feel like it. Yes, there have been times when I have questioned my decision but I always come back to the same theme and that is I am tired of a system that is designed to destroy us and I want no part of it. If everyone who is aware did the same it would destroy THEM….

  • douglas

    For whatever it´s worth I´m a recently retired US Naval Officer with a Master´s in Economics. I´m almost 50%-in Physical PM´s (most stored outside the US). I´ve relocated my family overseas because I believe that the Global Reset is near and that being at Ground Zero (the US) could be quite dangerous. That said, I notice two distinct groups posting on this site today, so I will adress each group seperately…

    – For those that seem dissapointed that the Global Economic Colapse is taking too long to manifest itself: I would suggest that you consider the physical PM´s you currently own as 100%-safe cash in a long term CD, Forget about it and live your life as any normal non-awake American. If you believe what the Government, MSM, & Wall Street are telling you then go back to watching MSNBC and follow their advice. If and when the Global Reset occurs, then you can tap into the PM´s you have and you´ll be better off than the vast majority of the population, if not then you can leave it as part of your estate to your kids.

    – For those like myself than continue to believe that the Global Rest is imminent: Try not to look forward to the end of our current system, I assure you that when it occurs life will never be the same – even for those of us that have prepared and invested wisely. The fact is that when it happens, there´s a very real possibility that many people will suffer greatly and (probably many will die). Enjoy what life offers now, much of it will probably not be available at any price – and that´s if you and your loved ones are part of the lucky ones that survive. Continue to accumulate PM´s and if your finances permit it consider buying real estate overseas and possible relocation (or at least a second residency) in a safer jurisdiction.

    • Paul T

      Douglas, don’t you think it would be very dangerous to be outside the US when all this goes down? I mean, by no means am I saying it will be safe here, but I just know when the dollar goes, everyone is gonna blame the US and I would hate to be an American in a foriegn country when that day comes. I wouldn’t want to be a target. At least I know the ground here in southern Alabama and we have plenty of rain, farmland and guns everywhere, nowhere is perfect but I wouldn’t want to be in a foreign land with foreign people who all hate Americans. Being a former infantry marine and Iraq war veteran, I know what shitty living conditions are like and yes, I think you’re right, our lives will never be the same after this. If I had to ever be in some sort of combat situation, I’d much rather do it on grounds that I know than defending my family in unknown lands. But who knows, some things could actually be better after the dust settles. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • glitter 1

    Noah was laughed and scoffed at for three hundred years while he was building the arc.Ten minutes after the door was shut and locked the most arrogant,ardent scoffers were there pounding on the door of the arc.Whether you believe in the Biblical account or not at the very least it can be used as an effective metaphor.

    Two weeks prior to Hurricane Sandy hitting New Jersey in 2012,people were warned to prepare for the worst.I can tell you that after 3-4 days of no electrical power in Central NJ there was the face of panic everywhere,including those who thought they knew it all.

    The point is that when the hammer comes down,and it’s coming,arrogance,hubris and BS will have gone by the wayside.Make sure you aren’t one of those pounding on the door.If the SHTF senario hasn’t happened fast/soon enough for you,better be careful what you ask for,you just might get it.

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