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But Who Will Neglect The Roads?

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Those who believe in a need for government for certain roles in society almost always bring up the roads. Here is an example of happy taxslaves who believe that without government and taxation there would be no roads.

In the image above they also make the correct statement that without governments and taxation there would be no wars… why they say that like it is a bad thing I have no idea.

However, getting back to “muh roads” this argument for government and taxation for roads happens so often that countless memes have been created to show how ridiculous the idea is that roads could not exist with government and taxation.

But with most government’s in the world today nearly bankrupt after years of wastage on centrally planned projects and wars the private market has popped up in numerous areas and has actually begun to take it into their own hands to fix neglected roads and other public areas that the government neglected… and, in every case, you won’t believe the government’s response to private individuals fixing the problems.

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2 comments to But Who Will Neglect The Roads?

  • Steelerdude

    Just saw an article that Loonies in Sacramento are going to raise the price of gas by 40 cents Jan 1st…and thats not to pay for the roads either…that goes to epic-fail project of california’s high speed rail…

    So we here in California will be paying $1.10 taxes for every gallon of gas…which is money directly sucked out of the economy…

    When do we take over the govt? cant be soon enough!!!!

  • ivan

    Those are some funny signs.

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